Ultra High Definition Scan
The FOCUS-Lock feature provides continual image focus both during changes in optical zoom and at the completion of optical zoom without any operator intervention.
Automatic scanning
Automatically scan your microfilm. Scan a partial roll or an entire roll, Ideal for interlibrary loans and
e-course reserves. Automatic Scanning is standard on all ScanPro scanners and doesn't require the purchase of premium software
Convenient front access USB port conveniently located at the lower front left corner of the scanner. This port will accept both USB2 and the new high speed USB3 portable flash drives.
Copy to clipboard
The ScanPro 1100 uses ABBYY Fine Reader to OCR your microfilm. This world class OCR software is consistently picked by researchers for accuracy and speed. You can create PDF/A files, the standard for archival storage, with just a single "click". Only ScanPro scanners provide this capability.
Information linkins
Our roll film carriers are designed for quiet operation in library and office settings. Patrons and researchers consider these roll film carriers the best in the industry.
Word searchable PDFs
Our ScanPro microfilm scanners have a proven track record of performance and reliability backed by factory trained and certified resellers.


ScanPro 1100 microfilm scanner

The ScanPro® 1100, the low cost, high performance scanner

The ScanPro 1100 has been the microfilm scanner of choice for libraries, businesses and researchers facing tight budgets since 2013. The ScanPro 1100 has the same robust design as the ScanPro 2000 and the ScanPro 3000, and is built for the rigors of public, uses an intuitive Windows® computer application with familiar icons and text labels and has a on-screen help menu that is available for all controls to help any user at any time. All all at a considerably lower price. So, if you are looking for a microfilm scanner and didn't need the automatic and special features found on the ScanPro 2000 and ScanPro 3000, the ScanPro 1100 microfilm scanner was your best choice to meet your requirements.

The ScanPro 1100

The ScanPro 1100 is being discontinued and will be removed form our web site at the end of the year 2016 to make way for a new model. The replacement for the ScanPro 1100 will be the ScanPro 2200 at a new and even lower price, a 3-year warranty and many of the powerful features used to work with microfilm. So, if you are looking for a microfilm scanner and don't need the automatic and special features found on the new ScanPro 2200 Plus or on the ScanPro 3000, the ScanPro 2200 microfilm scanner is your best choice to meet your requirements. Review the ScanPro 2200 brochure to learn more about this new scanner and to to find information on the features included with the ScanPro 2200.

The scanner with a proven track record of reliability

No other equipment on the market can match the ScanPro for its proven track record of performance and reliability. AND, since the ScanPro 1100 and the ScanPro 2000 shares the same hardware , you can upgrade your ScanPro 1100 at any time to a fully functional ScanPro 2000 including access to all of the options available on the ScanPro 2000. No other scanner on the market can provide this upgrade capability. This upgrade option will continue to be available throughout the life of the ScanPro 1100.

Continued product support

We have been selling the ScanPro brand of microfilm scanners to libraries, universities, government users, companies and researchers around the world since early 2006. It is our policy to continue full support of a product for a minimum of 10 years after production has been discontinued, both software updates and service support. And confirming, we will provide software updates and service support for the ScanPro 1100 as well.

At e-ImageData, we make customer support a priority, the best in the industry.

PowerScan Productivity Suite provides OCF for microfilm

ScanPro 1100 brochure

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