Optional Software for the ScanPro 1000/2000/3000

Search for words on your microfilm
Find words right on your microfilm image without having to read through the entire page. Just enter the word that you are looking for in the search box and if it is on the microfilm, it will be highlighted every where it appears.
Information linkins
Use INFO-Link to get more information about what you see on your microfilm. Just click to highlight a word or words and then select the internet reference source that you want to use like Wikipedia, a thesaurus, or a dictionary.
Copy to clipboard
Select information that you see on your microfilm image and copy it to the clipboard as editable text for pasting into any document or presentation.
Word searchable PDFs
With a single click you can convert any microfilm image to a multi-page word searchable PDF. NOTE: single page word searchable PDF is now included on all ScanPro models at no additional cost.


OCR for microfilm

Discover the Power of Word Searchable Microfilm Using SNAP High Speed Processing.

ScanPro microfilm scanners offer NEW and exciting OCR technology.

We’re revolutionizing the way you use microfilm. With the ScanPro’s newest OCR technology you can search for words that you select, link directly to information sources, copy selected areas as text to the clipboard, or convert your entire microfilm image to word searchable PDF's, all with a single click of the live image on your view screen. These OCR features are available as the patent pending PowerScan Productivity Suite (PPS). This optional software can be added at any time to your ScanPro 3000, 2000 or 1000.

e-ImageData licenses industry leading ABBYY® Fine Reader

The e-ImageData OCR features for microfilm are powered by ABBYY Fine Reader. This world class OCR software is consistently picked by researchers for accuracy and speed. We have licensed the ABBYY Fine Reader engine and integrated it into the ScanPro software to bring you powerful, easy to use features for working with microfilm. This software lets researchers, genealogists, librarians and patrons have access to microfilm with unlimited OCR features: WORD-Search, INFO-Link, copy selected areas as text to your "clipboard", and create word searchable PDF's. These powerful OCR features are bundled together as a single software package provided as the PowerScan Productivity Suite (PPS). These features work with the image that you see on the view screen.

The PowerScan Productivity Suite adds SNAP High Speed Processing to OCR features.

We have made these powerful OCR features even better. We have now added high speed processing algorithms to these already exceptional OCR capabilities. These proprietary high speed algorithms, Smart Navigation Active Processing (SNAP), give the PowerScan Productivity Suite the fastest OCR capabilities in the the micrographics industry.

The PowerScan Productivity Suite is Easy to Use.

These exclusive patent pending features are found only on the ScanPro microfilm scanners. The software provides separate "one click" buttons on the customizable toolbar to make any feature available for a patron or researcher. A single click and you see it happen. It is easy, fast and makes working with microfilm fun.

PowerScan Productivity Suite provides OCF for microfilm

PowerScan Productivity Suite Brochure