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ScanPro 2000 microfilm scanner

The ScanPro 2000 is known for performance and value.

Leading universities, libraries and private companies around the world choose the e-ImageData ScanPro 2000 for it's proven track record of performance, ease-of-use reliability and value, there are thousands of these microfilm scanners in constant use. It is not uncommon for users to report that millions of scans have been made and the scanners are working like new. Kodak technical service has commented that our scanners are one of the best microfilm scanners that they have ever sold.

The ScanPro 2000

The ScanPro 2000 is being discontinued and will be removed form our web site at the end of the year 2016 to make way for a new model. That new replacement model is the ScanPro 2200 Plus which has the first 3-year warranty in the industry and will be the first ScanPro model to add the 7-105x optical zoom as standard. So, if you are looking for a top-of-line microfilm scanner that has all of the features for working with your film types, the 2200 Plus microfilm scanner is a great choice to meet your requirements. Review the ScanPro 2200 Plus brochure to learn more about this new scanner and to to find information on the features included with this top-of the line-microfilm research equipment..

Continued product support

We have been selling the ScanPro brand of microfilm scanners to libraries, universities, government users, companies and researchers around the world since early 2006. It is our policy to continue full support of a product for a minimum of 10 years after production has been discontinued, both software updates and service support. And confirming, we will provide software updates and service support for the ScanPro 2000 as well.

At e-ImageData, we make customer support a priority, the best in the industry

PowerScan Productivity Suite provides OCF for microfilm
ScanPro 2000 brochure