ScanPro3000 microfilm scanners

Comparison Scans for selected Microfilm Scanners

We have been asked how the ST Viewscan lll microfilm scanner compares to the ScanPro 3000 microfilm scanner. When making these microfilm scanner comparisons, one of the most important considerations is the image quality that is captured by the scanner. Image quality describes the readability of a document that has been scanned. Readability is important when reading small text and inspecting fine details. Plus, having the best possible readability from the scanner is especially important when working with poor quality film.
This is a summary of our comparison results:

1. ViewScan lll microfilm scanner

ViewScan lll readibility

1. ScanPro 3000 microfilm scanner

ScanPro3000 readability


2. ViewScan lll microfilm scanner

ViewScan lll readibility

2. ScanPro 2200 & 2200 Plus microfilm scanner

ScanPro1100 readability


These image scans confirm the superior image quality of the ScanPro microfilm scanners.

Image quality is primarily dependent on camera resolution which is typically measured in megapixels. There are other factors that contribute to image quality but camera resolution is the primary contributor and most commonly used measurement (NOTE that image size, also measured in megapixels, is a measurement of file size and is NOT a measurement of image quality). Also, note that in comparison # 2, the 6.6 megapixel ScanPro 2200 & 2200 Plus has better image quality than the ViewScan 14 megapixel camera, this is an example where higher camera resolution does not demonstrate the expected results.

How we tested: the ST Imaging Viewscan lll vs e-ImageData Scan Pro 3000 and ScanPro 2200 & ScanPro 2200 Plus: The same New York Times Newspaper page, Wednesday, January 1, 2003-New York Stock Exchange Page was used for all tests (selected for small letters and fine details). The currently available software was used for each microfilm scanner. The same scan area was used for each scanner. Care was exercised to make the best possible adjustments for each scan.

The Comparison Results:

1. The ScanPro 3000 with its 26 megapixel camera has significantly better image quality than the 14
megapixel camera of the ViewScan III.

2. Even the ScanPro 1100 with its 6.6 magapixel camera has better image quality than the 14 megapixel camera of the ViewScan III. This is counterintutive until you consider 1) the ScanPro's pixels which are more than 6 times larger than that of the ViewScan III, 2) the negative affects of diffraction on the small pixels of the ViewScan III, 3) the distortion caused by the polychromatic (white) illumination lamp used in the ViewScan III.