ScanPro 3000 Features

Ultra High Definition Scan
Scan in standard definition or select ultra high definition to scan and save small text and fine details.
New File Format
This layered file format saves text as high resolution BiTone while saving images as high resolution grayscale.
Automatic scanning
Automatically scan your microfilm. Scan a partial roll or an the entire roll. Ideal for interlibrary loans and
e-course reserves (standard).
Make your scans of microfilm clear, clean and crisp.This patented technology provides black text on a white background with even density.
Copy to clipboard
The ScanPro 3000 uses ABBYY Fine Reader to OCR your microfilm page. This world class OCR software is consistently picked by researchers for accuracy and speed.
Information linkins
Designed for quiet operation in library and office settings.
Word searchable PDFs
Maintains image focus throughout optical zoom at all times. A scanner without FOCUS-Lock capability will go out of focus completely during optical zoom and are both difficult to use and time consuming to operate.


ScanPro3000 microfilm scanners

Highest optical resolution scanner with the clearest image.

The ScanPro 3000 microfilm scanner features a True 26_megapixel_camera, nearly twice the optical resolution of any microfilm scanner. The ScanPro 3000's 26 megapixel camera uses proprietary technology developed by e-ImageData to capture 26 Megapixels of optical image information using a conventional sensor. This provides customers with exceptional image quality never before seen in the micrographics industry, and all at an affordable price. The optical resolution is over 500dpi on a letter page and saved files are both archival-quality and small in size.

These scans show the ultra high definition difference, which do you prefer?

A Scan is worth 1,000 words....

ScanPro 3000 Ultra High Definition scan of newspaper on microfilm

ScanPro3000 Brochure
ScanPro 3000 Brochure