USB3 Interface
Everything operates faster with USB3. E-ImageData is pleased to be able to offer the high speed, high performance USB3 interface on our ScanPro microfilm scanners.
USB3 privides increased performance
AUTO-Scan® Pro is our first application to take advantage of the high speed USB3 interface. We now can scan at over 50 image per minute. Twice the speed of other microfilm scanners.
USB3 will be available on the ScanPro scanners in 2013
The new super speed USB3 platform for the ScanPro microfilm scanners will be utilized to continue the development of exciting new tools and features that make working with microfilm easy, efficient, and fun.
You can upgrade your ScanPro to USB3
Not only are we switching production to Super Speed USB3, existing ScanPro scanners can be upgraded to USB3 at any time. This protects your investment from technology obsolesce. No other scanner manufacturer provides this capability.


ScanPro firewire interface

Every thing is faster with USB3.

UBS3 is the fastest growing interface for microfilm scanners.

USB3 is a reliable, stable interface that is easy to use and more than 10 times faster than USB2. Today only two microfilm scanners do not use the new USB3 interface. The Konica Minolta SL 1000 (no longer sold in the US) continues to use USB2 and the ST Viewscan2 continues to use a hybrid combination of USB2 and firewire as their interface.

Does the slower USB2 interface affect scanner performance?

Yes, the entire scanner runs slower. The most noticeable effect on performance will be at start up, software stability and when using functions and features that involve the camera.

Super speed USB3
USB3 brings Super Speed performance to ScanPro scanners.

USB 3.0 is the latest specification of the proven and reliable USB standard that has been an industry staple for many years. USB3 was first introduced in 2008 and provides for data transfer speeds up to 5.0 gigabits per second (Gbits/s). That is about ten times faster than USB 2.0. That increase in speed performance available with USB3 means that the ScanPro microfilm scanner and the computer can work together much more quickly and effectively. The most noticeable effect on performance will be when using functions and features that involve the camera, for example focus, optical zoom, brightness, OCR and automatic scanning. You will also see a speed performance increase in the optional software packages,
AUTO-Scan® Pro and the PowerScan Productivity Suite. Everything operates faster with super speed USB3.

Continuing product development.

No other equipment on the market can match the ScanPro for its proven track record of innovation, performance, and reliability that is backed by factory trained and certified dealers. People using our ScanPro microfilm scanners have even commented that the ScanPro microfilm scanners “make working with microfilm fun”.  E-ImageData continues to be the innovation leader in the industry and our ScanPro products are forever changing the way people work with microfilm.