The ultra-compact ScanPro® has a desktop footprint the size of two sheets of letter-sized paper.

The ScanPro microfilm scanners are ultra compact with a desktop foot print the size of two sheets of letter paper. They utilizes heavy gauge steel throughout and all moving parts use steel bearings for smooth, reliable, precision film movement. This microfilm scanner is designed for the rigors of public use applications and provides many powerful, time saving features for working with your microform images quickly and efficiently. And, when space availability is important, it fits almost anywhere.

The ScanPro doesn't have external brackets, lens rings, and operator assembly adjustments that can be misadjusted or damaged. The sturdy, integrated ScanPro design provides reliable performance in public use applications.


ScanPro 2000 features not available on any other microfilm equipment
  • Custom high resolution lens
  • Integrated, precision digital film controller
  • Optical zoom magnification 7 to 105x
  • Fast, smooth optical zoom
  • Fiche, ultra fiche, 16/35mm roll film, micro opaques, and aperture cards
  • Touch screen capability standard
  • 32 and 64 bit Win 7 and Win 8 support
  • ADA complaint options
  • Supports high resolution 30” monitor
  • ENERGY STAR listed and labeled



ScanPro firewire interface


Ultra Compact ScanPro 2000





ScanPro scanners are now in use in academic, research, and public libraries, federal, state, and local government installations, and company offices around the world. And, during this time, the ScanPro has earned a reputation of being reliable in the most demanding applications.


Optical zoom magnification -The ScanPro microfilm scanners have the highest optical zoom magnification range of any microfilm scanner on the market, 7x to 54x or the optional 7x to 105x.

Optical image rotation.-Film images can be landscape (the width is the larger dimension) or film images can be portrait (the height of the image is the larger dimension). Optical image rotation gives the microfilm scanner the ability to physically rotate the camera sensor to best match the width and height of the sensor to the width and height of the film image.