IMS AUTO-Scan Pro is the fastest and most accurate desktop microfilm scanning software on the market for “blipped film”. The IMS AUTO-ScanPro software compliments the features already offered on the ScanPro i9300 such as the capability to work with one, two, and three level film, both simplex and duplex, making it always easy to load your film, enter your search address and click search, scan or print. The IMS AUTO-Scan software is optional and can be added at any time.

The IMS AUTO-Scan Pro software automatically allows the user to do tasks such as scan and print an entire roll of film., name the files using the document address and convert the scan files to text using integrated OCR technology. You can also collate scan files into multi-page PDFs grouped by batch, file, and page addresses, allowing for easy use and accurate information capture. The IMS AUTO-ScanPro can do all of this with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Try the Demo version of IMS AUTO-Scan Pro.

It is important that you evaluate IMS AUTO-Scan Pro with your own film. We want to make sure that you know how IMS AUTO-Scan Pro works with your film before committing to a purchase. Just request a temporary license key from your reseller to start your complete evaluation. There is a no refund policy on IMS AUTO-Scan Pro when you make a purchase, so the evaluation step is very important.