ScanPro® Scan Station

Automatic Desktop Scanning for Fiche and Microfilm

At e-ImageData, we pride ourselves on providing the best technology available in the micrographics industry and we are proud to introduce the ScanPro® Scan Station. The ScanPro Scan Station can ship directly from the factory bundled with any current ScanPro model that incorporates our newest innovation, the AUTO-Fiche™ Carrier (AFC) that automatically scans microfiche. Moreover, in addition to fiche scanning capability, the ScanPro Scan Station can also include a Roll Film carrier. This makes the ScanPro Scan Station the only automatic desktop scanning solution for all film types. The ScanPro Scan Station provides users with all the necessary tools to make look-ups and research more efficient and more productive than ever before. Additionally, with the exception of the ScanPro 1000, any ScanPro model in the field can be field upgraded to a Scan Station with the incorporation of an AUTO-Fiche carrier.

For research and desk top conversion of microfiche and roll film, the ScanPro Scan Station incorporates all the features of the new AFC which makes microfiche research quick, “hands-free” and hassle-free. The AFC is operated entirely by on-screen controls. This allows users to move directly through the fiche image-by-image, anywhere on the fiche, with a single click. In addition, the AFC can automatically scan a range of images, groups of images or the entire fiche, seamlessly and with unparalleled accuracy, at scanning speeds up to 60 images per minute with AUTO-Scan Pro, the optional high-speed scanning software.

Backed by our three-year factory warranty, the e-ImageData ScanPro Scan Stations are available from the factory for any current model, from the top-of the line high performance ScanPro 3000 Scan Station to the budget-friendly ScanPro 2200 Scan Station that is available for under $6500. To further lower costs to the end user, the AUTO-Fiche Carrier operating software is provided as a yearly subscription license to the customer. Although this pricing approach is common in many industries and is used to lower pricing to the end user, it is new to the micrographics industry.

The AUTO-Fiche Carrier (AFC) has a yearly subscription software license fee of $249. The first-year software license fee is included in the initial purchase price. Each year thereafter the software license fee will become due at the same yearly interval from the prior renewal date. An active software license is required for the AFC to be fully functional and entitles the owner to all software updates and upgrades at no charge. An owner can elect at any time to discontinue a license renewal. This Pay-As-You-Go software subscription pricing is the most competitive in the industry and is another way e-ImageData is keeping customer costs as low as possible while still providing capabilities never before available for working with microfilm. Customers can now select a ScanPro Scan Station that has the features and capabilities that meet their application requirements, and at the lowest possible price.

To view the ScanPro Scan Station scanning microfiche, watch this video!

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Our customers are excited about the AFC and here's what they have to say...

As the Imaging Supervisor for the Warren County Records Center and Archives, I’d like to tell you that our ScanPro 2200 Plus has made our lives so much easier. We have had a ScanPro 2000 for several years now, but just recently upgraded in December of 2017 to the Plus Edition with the Automatic Fiche Carrier unit. Our newest addition has turned what was initially a very tedious microfiche job into a brief assignment that freed up valuable time for other endeavors. In other words, what would have taken months to accomplish was drastically shortened to only two short weeks. Using the auto-scan function we were able to get clean, crisp digital images that we originally thought would be impossible as the fiche we were attempting to copy were quite old and distorted. I, myself, along with my coworkers, would all recommend the AFC to any entity who has a need and a desire to get the best possible product on the market. In addition, where other companies can be very straining to work with, our e-ImageData reseller, World Micrographics, has gone above and beyond to ensure that both their products and their customer service is entirely satisfying. We truly appreciate everything this machine and this company have afforded us over the years.

- Jana C. Wells, Imaging Supervisor, Warren County Records Center and Archives, Lebanon, Ohio

"The AUTO-Fiche Carrier may be exactly what we need to convert all 50,000 fiche we want to digitize!"

- Supreme Court of Texas

"The AUTO-Fiche Carrier is awesome! Can't wait to add it to our SP2200."

- Jeanette, Thousand Island, CA

"Maybe our users will stop cringing when they use fiche with the new AUTO-Fiche Carrier features!"

-University of Northern Colorado Library

"We couldn't live without our ScanPros! Can't wait to add the AUTO-Fiche Carriers!"

-Sabrina, Columbia Law Library

ScanPro® Scan Station from e-ImageData