Important Features on All Models

At e-ImageData, we are not only committed to bringing you the latest technology to handle your microfilm, we are invested in providing the most superior standard features available. Whether it’s our PRECISION-Guide rollers that tightly control the microfilm’s side-to-side to movement, ensuring the most precise film control while searching for your image or our customizable Film Selection Wizard that allows you to automatically set up your scanner with just one click —rest assured, we have you covered for all your researching needs.

Click below for more information on the important features offered on ALL of our ScanPro products.

Remote Access

ScanPro® users can access and operate any ScanPro model from anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection* and free remote access software. An example is the free version of Logmein software

The ScanPro is the only microfilm scanner that has been designed so that ALL the controls, roll film image movement, focus, image adjustment, enhancement, image cropping, and scanning are right on the viewing screen. It is that design feature that makes REMOTE-Access able to provide the remote operator with complete control of the ScanPro microfilm scanner.

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Library Quiet

The ScanPro precision roll film carriers are fast and quiet. Their energy absorbing design means the operator does not need to slow down their performance to obtain quiet operation. And, the ScanPro patented technology maintains focus at all times making it possible to keep the microfilm image in focus without any lens movement sound.


Our ScanPro's scanners have been recognized by ENERGY STAR and are compliant with the EPA’s demanding requirements for designs using the least amount of energy and helping protect the environment.

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Intuitive Application

The ScanPro software is an intuitive Windows®-based computer application with familiar icons and text labels to make it simple for all microfilm users. An on-screen help menu is available for all controls to help the user at any time.

USB 3.0 Capabilities

UBS3 is the fastest growing interface for microfilm scanners. USB3 is a reliable, stable interface that is easy to use and more than 10 times faster than USB2. USB3 brings super speed performance to ScanPro scanners.

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PRECISION-Guide Rollers

With a unique three-roller design, the PRECISION-Guide film rollers tightly control the microfilm’s side-to-side movement, ensuring the most precise film control while searching for your image. Our PRECISION-Guide rollers are also designed to protect your microfilm while in use on the carrier glass, safeguarding your microfilm investment.

Film Selection Wizard

Simply load your film and click the Film Selection Wizard to automatically set up your scanner for any microform application. You can customize the Film Selection Wizard for your own applications and even add your own custom photo icons. No other microfilm scanner on the market provides these powerful, time-saving features.

Optical Image Rotation

Optical image rotation gives the microfilm scanner the ability to physically rotate the camera sensor to best match the width and height of the sensor to the width and height of the film image, reaching maximum resolution for both portrait and landscape images.

Optical Zoom

The ScanPro microfilm scanners have the highest optical zoom magnification range of any microfilm scanner on the market, 7x to 32x (ScanPro 2200) or 7x to 105x (ScanPro 2200+/3000/i9300). You can rest assured that you will be able to get every last detail from your microfilm source.

Continual Image Focus (FOCUS-Lock™)

Patented FOCUS-Lock technology provides continual image focus even during optical zoom. This exceptional feature works without any operator intervention making research faster, easier and more efficient. FOCUS-Lock is standard of ALL units.

Customizable Tool Bar

With just a single click, you can customize the tool tabs and button controls to fit your specific needs. In addition, the interactive on-screen help menu is always available at your fingertips for questions or more information about how to use any button control.