Optional Features

At e-ImageData we are constantly looking for new and emerging technology to improve our ScanPro products and provide intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces that have exceptional features and capabilities never before seen when working with microfilm. Patrons have commented that the features and capabilities of the ScanPro equipment are both easy-to-use and even make “working with microfilm fun”. We will continue these efforts as we continue to blur the line between microfilm and electronic information delivery.

Add more functionality and take your research to the next level with our optional add-on features that will revolutionize the way you work with microfilm. Available on the ScanPro 2200 Plus, ScanPro i9300 and ScanPro 3000, these exclusive features perform with exceptional speed and accuracy.

*Since the ScanPro 2200 and the ScanPro 2200 Plus share the same hardware, you can upgrade your ScanPro 2200 to a fully functional top-of-the-line ScanPro 2200 Plus (including access to all of the ScanPro 2200 Plus options) at any time.

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OCR Tools— Discover the Power of Word Searchable Microfilm

With the ScanPro’s newest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology you can search for words that you select, link words, names, and locations directly to information sources, copy selected areas as text to the clipboard, or convert your entire microfilm image to word searchable PDF's, all with a single click of the live image on your view screen. These patented OCR features are bundled together as the PowerScan Productivity Suite (PPS) and is optional software on the ScanPro i9300, 3000 and ScanPro 2200 Plus microfilm scanners.

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AUTO-Scan® Pro

AUTO-Scan is desktop, automatic scanning software for 16mm, 35mm and cartridge(M) roll film that is optional software on the ScanPro i9300, 3000 and ScanPro 2200 Plus microfilm scanners. It has been on the market for over 8 years and is the desktop scanning software of choice used by libraries, archivist, genealogists, corporations, government agencies and service bureaus around the world. Users of this software report that it is easy to use, offers time saving features not available with any other software and has a track record of reliability. It is reported that hundreds of millions of microfilm images have been scanned using AUTO-Scan software.

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AUTO-Scan® Pro (on the ScanPro i9300)

AUTO-Scan Pro is the fastest and most accurate desktop microfilm scanning software on the market for “blipped film”. The AUTO-Scan Pro software compliments the features already offered on the ScanPro i9300 such as the capability to work with one, two, and three level film, both simplex and duplex, making it always easy to load your film, enter your search address and click search, scan or print. The AUTO-Scan Pro software is optional and can be added at any time.

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Micro Opaques

Micro opaques are a nontransparent base with highly reduced reproductions arranged in rows and columns. A micro opaque may be made by a photographic or a printing process. This optional feature allows for versatile research.


Ultrafiche is a form of microfiche (transparent base) with the images greatly reduced in size, generally by a factor of 90 or more. This feature allows you to read these types of microforms, making research easy and efficient.