ScanPro 2200 Features and Specifications

USB3.0 Camera: High optical resolution 6.6 megapixel camera
Camera: optical image orientation portrait or landscape plus 30°
Maximum image size: 424 megapixels (image size is not optical resolution)
Interface: Intuitive Windows computer interface; simple, easy to use with all film types
Optical zoom magnification range 7 to 32x
Digital zoom magnification: 7 to 465x
Fit to Window fills the entire monitor screen leaving no blank area
On-screen magnifier (selectable zoom) to read small text and examine fine details. Scan and print what is seen in the magnifier window
Focus-LockTM Continual image focus even during optical zoom
Soft, bright, film-optimized, monochromatic LEDs with life time warranty and optically clear carrier glass for best image quality
Software selectable resolution, 150 to 1200dpi, 256 grayscale, bi-tone (B&W)
Fiche/Aperture Card carrier, Ultra-Fiche/Micro Opaques (optional & requires uograde)
16/35 universal and 16/35/M cartridge universal carriers (optional)
PRECISION-Guide film rollers:Low inertia, easy-to-thread, ball bearing rollers provide precision control of film image position and movement
Customizable Film Selection Wizard, one click to setup your scanner
Presets retain all settings including optical zoom and focus settings
Single page OCR PDF using ABBYY® fine reader (files are saved as PDF/A)
One-click print button and specify to center or where to print on the paper
Option to turn on/off watermark and copyright warnings
One-click scan button to multiple locations
Save files in all common formats including PDF/A
Optical straighten: Select line straighten or manual straighten (“click” and hold to rotate)
Digital Rotation: Click to rotate image 90°, Click to mirror image
Upgrade at anytime to a ScanPro 2200Plus to add functionality and optional features
USB3/ USB2/ USB1: Convenient, integrated, front access port for portable flash drives

ScanPro 2200 Product Information

Fits almost anywhere Smallest operating footprint
Operating Systems Versions, 32 and 64 bit: Win 7, Win 8, Win 10; Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Home
Interface USB 3.0
Weight / Dimensions (H x W x L) 9kg (19.5lbs) / 18cm x 31cm x 41cm / 7in x 12in x 16in
Power 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Film Path Straight film path minimizes film damage and wear (film not pulled across glass edges)
Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR® Certified
Product Safety OSHA workplace safety certified to US/CA standards
Scanner & RF Carrier 3-year factory warranty (includes carriers)

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