Automatic scanning solution for microfilm and microfiche

The AUTO-Carrier allows users to automatically scan roll film and fiche. It is operated entirely by on-screen controls. This allows users to move directly through fiche image-by-image, or anywhere on the fiche, with a single click. The AUTO-Carrier can automatically scan a range of images, groups of images or the entire fiche, seamlessly and with unparalleled accuracy. In addition to its fiche-scanning capability, when paired with a roll film carrier automatically scans microfilm.

With the exception of the ScanPro 1000, the AUTO-Carrier is available on all ScanPro models including the low cost ScanPro 2200. This ensures that all of these ScanPro models can automatically scan roll film and also can automatically scan fiche without any additional software. In addition, the AUTO-Scan feature is available on all ScanPro models that have an AUTO-Carrier. No other products on the market can provide this capability.

See the AUTO-Carrier in action!

The ScanPro Difference

Why choose an AUTO-Carrier? There are many exceptional things we do that set us apart from our competition and make us the product of choice worldwide. Our mission is to provide the best microfilm equipment on the market and it is our commitment to continually bring the most innovative, technology to our customers. Here are the exclusive highlights of the AUTO-Carrier that no one else in the industry can deliver and we are proud to offer them to you.

Outstanding Capabilities | Why the e-ImageData AUTO-Carrier?

Any of the current ScanPro models ordered from the factory with an AUTO-Carrier is shipped ready for on-site installation
With the exception of the ScanPro 1000, any ScanPro model in the field can be upgraded on-site to include an AUTO-Carrier (depending on the model, an upgrade kit may be required)
AUTO-Carrier requires a yearly software subscription fee of $249. The six months of the subscription is free.
User Interface: Intuitive Windows computer interface; simple and easy-to-use
Step-by-step graphic animations for the operator provides easy to use startup instructions
Programmable film selection Wizard to recall job presets for quick and easy job setup for any application
Scannable Media: Fiche, Jackets 16mm roll film, 35mm roll film, cartridge film, aperture cards, micro opaques
Carriers (optional):16/35 roll film, 16/35/M roll film & cartridge
NOTE: AUTO scanning on a ScanPro 2200 requires an installed AUTO-Carrier
AUTO-Scan® (included standard): Automatically Scans roll filmb and fichec
- Straighten/Crop, Straighten, Set Brightness
- File types: PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more
- Unlimited scans, up to 20 images per minute (IPM) roll filmb and fichec (forward or reverse)
AUTO-Scan® Pro (optional): Automatically scans roll-filmb at 55 IPM without AUTO-Carrier, scans roll-filmb & fichec at 100 IPM with AUTO-Carrier
- Auto-Brightness, Straighten/Crop, Straighten, Duplex Film, Forward and Reverse, Set Brightness
- File types: PDF, PDF/A & TIFF, single and multi-page, without and with OCRd, JPEG, and more
- Unlimited scans, up to 100 IPM roll filmbc & fichec, forward or reverse (with AUTO-Carrier)

For specific model features and benefits, please see the Features & Benefits tab of your desired model.

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