AUTO-Scan™ Pro Software

The revolutionary high-speed desktop scanning software

e-ImageData's AUTO-Scan Pro software is the fastest and most accurate desktop scanning software on the market today. Exclusively used for automatic scanning and conversion of microfilm and microfiche, AUTO-Scan Pro simplifies the digitization process for organizations around the world. This powerful software uses intelligent algorithms for locating each image, straightening each image, cropping and removing unwanted borders while scanning up to 100 images a minute. Users can even elect to have each image adjusted for best brightness and contrast before the scan is automatically saved in the selected file type. And, with built in Quality Assurance tools, users can rest assured in 100% image capture the first time around. No other software on the market can provide these capabilities.

Got difficult film? No problem! We have you covered, just request a temporary license key to evaluate AUTO-Scan Pro with your own film. Some film is difficult to automatically scan and we want to make sure you know how AUTO-Scan Pro works with your film before committing to a purchase. In addition, we have an excellent customer support team available for any needed guidance throughout your digital journey.

Here are some of the highlights of our AUTO-Scan Pro software:

  • Works with positive and negative film
  • Scan 16mm/35mm and cartridge(M) film
  • Duplex scanning in one pass
  • Scan size output for large format images
  • Scan in the Forward or Reverse direction
  • Scan the entire rolls of film and sheets of fiche
  • Automatically straighten each image
  • Crop and remove borders
  • Automatically adjust brightness and contrast
  • OCR images with ABBY® FineReader while scanning
  • Select the file type for saving scans
  • Automatically name each scan
  • See each image as it is scanned
  • Select the folder for saving your scans
  • Scan speeds of up to 100 images per minute

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