NEW PRODUCT: AUTO-Fiche™ Carrier to Debut at ALA

We are delighted to introduce our newest innovation, the AUTO-Fiche Carrier, to our exceptional ScanPro® product line. e-ImageData, an industry leader in the development of micrographic equipment, releases a product that takes the hassle out of microfiche research and brings working with microfiche into the digital age.

The AUTO-Fiche carrier eliminates the manual work of moving the fiche carrier to find the desired image. Research using microfiche has long been known to be cumbersome and quite frustrating. But no more, with the AUTO-Fiche Carrier, users can quickly find their microfiche "hassle free" and “hands-free”, making research easy and efficient.

• Automatically scan a range of images or the entire fiche

• Use on-screen controls to perform all operations

• Move directly to any image on the fiche with a single “Click”

• Retrofittable to every ScanPro model, except for the ScanPro 1000

• Backed by our three-year factory warranty

The AUTO-Fiche Carrier will make its debut at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL., June 22-27, booth #5011.

Click the link below to view the latest news release:

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