e-ImageData continues to earn ENERGY STAR certification

e-ImageData is making a difference in the micrographics industry with energy efficient products.

Today, we are excited to announce our continued partnership in the ENERGY STAR program. Our ScanPro® scanners are certified ENERGY STAR models engineered with the environment in mind.

The EPA ENERGY STAR program reported the 2016 energy saving results for Imaging Equipment. Through the years, EPA has strengthened the energy efficiency requirements and now reports that certified models are 30% more efficient than standard models.

The ScanPro scanners have been designed from the bottom up to be energy efficient. The "Cool Green" illumination system that is hundreds of times more efficient than white lamps used in other equipment, prevents harmful heat build-up that could damage film and impact the environment.

When components of the ScanPro microfilm scanners are not required to be operational, they turn off automatically to save even more energy. This feature is not available with other non-certified microfilm equipment. Furthermore, not only do the ScanPro scanners have a green, energy-saving design, they also meet the strict requirements for the avoidance of materials that have been identified as harmful to the environment.

“We continue to place energy efficiency as a high priority in the design of our scanners and we are proud to be saving our customers money, reducing energy usage and limiting the use of hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium,” says James Westoby, President of e-ImageData.

As the leader in the industry, e-ImageData is committed to supplying the best, most energy efficient microfilm scanning equipment on the market.

To schedule a demo or for more information on our green, energy efficient microfilm scanners, go to Request Information today!

To learn more about the ENERGY STAR program and how you can be part of the important effort to save energy and protect our environment www.energystar.gov.

To view press release in its entirety, click this link: https://prlog.org/12660354.

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