YALE NEWS: An Anatomy of Sterling Library’s Tailbone

As leaders in the micrographics industry, e-ImageData continues to provide the best technology when working with microfilm. This article by Jordan Culter-Tietjen is a fun read that highlights the importance of microforms and mentions our ScanPro 2000!

Inside the white cardboard box is the microfilm, wrapped like a roll of toilet paper for pygmy robots, which Alex Lance ’20 takes out and slides onto the left spoke of the Microfilm ScanPro 2000. She pulls the roll to the right; threads it under, then over, two protruding pegs; lifts up the illuminated glass; stretches the roll beneath it; threads it over, then under, two more pegs; and folds the end of the roll over the right spoke to complete the symmetry and lodge the wheel in place.

To read full article, click this link: https://yaledailynews.com/blog/2017/10/06/142441/

To learn more about e-ImageData's ScanPro product line, click here.

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