YALE NEWS: An Anatomy of Sterling Library’s Tailbone

As leaders in the micrographics industry, e-ImageData continues to provide the best technology when working with microfilm. This article by Jordan Culter-Tietjen is a fun read that highlights the importance of microforms and mentions our ScanPro 2000!

Inside the white cardboard box is the microfilm, wrapped like a roll of toilet paper for pygmy robots, which Alex Lance ’20 takes out and slides onto the left spoke of the Microfilm ScanPro® 2000. She pulls the roll to the right; threads it under, then over, two protruding pegs; lifts up the illuminated glass; stretches the roll beneath it; threads it over, then under, two more pegs; and folds the end of the roll over the right spoke to complete the symmetry and lodge the wheel in place.

To read full article, click this link: https://yaledailynews.com/blog/2017/10/06/142441/

To learn more about e-ImageData's ScanPro product line, click here.

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