Pixel shifting: The Saviour of Microfilm?

At e-ImageData, we pride ourselves on providing the best, most innovative technology on the market. We are honored that DM Magazine wrote an article on pixel shifting emphasizing the importance it plays in microfilm research today.

Document Manager takes a closer look at micrographics specialist e-ImageData, and finds out how 'pixel shifting' is breathing new life into old microfilm.

Libraries, educational institutions and business across the world still house vast quantities of information held on microfilm. Whether of births and deaths, health records or land registry documents, or even newspapers and journals, records on microfilm can frequently have originated a hundred years ago or more. Microfilm itself began being used for preservation of records in the 1930s: an early example was the New York Times newspaper which began capturing its issues to microfilm in 1935.

To read full article, click here: http://www.btc.co.uk/Articles/index.php?mag=DM&pag...

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