What to Look for in a Microfilm Scanner

Have you been given the task of finding a microfilm scanner for your library, government agency or organization but don't know where to start or what qualities to look for? Don't worry, here is a guide to help you focus on the important things when buying a microfilm scanner.

Microfilm has been around for hundreds of years. Even today, microfilm images remain more durable, reliable, and precise for image storage and retrieval than modern storage media like CDs and hard drives. Advances in the technology have come primarily in the microfilm scanning equipment we use today.

When looking for a microfilm scanner for your business process, there are many choices available. Your goal should be to choose a scanner that suits your needs while providing the basic metrics of quality for a professional level microfilm scanner. They are reliability, performance, ease of use, and versatility.


Your scanner should operate fully and accurately when and where you need it, and with low maintenance. Reliability is achieved through construction and design. From accurate motor speeds to the precision manufacturing of bearings and rollers – all of the internal components must be meticulously crafted, assembled, and calibrated to deliver the reliability your business requires.


Precision, speed, accuracy, and consistency are the qualities of any good microfilm scanner. The goal is to position your microfilm quickly and accurately, minimizing opportunities for human error and film damage. High scanning performance also means focus capabilities, a wide zoom selection, and automated scanning. Consider quiet operation and power efficiency before you check the box for performance.

Ease of Use

Innovative technology goes into producing the best in industry microfilm scanners but operating one should not require an advanced engineering degree. Today’s most competitive microfilm scanners are compatible with the most common business software operating systems. They provide an easy to understand customizable interface and should present no difficulty to first time users.


Today’s scanners offer a host of functions and features that benefit the user. The best scanners should:

  • Support custom film formats
  • Offer single click selection
  • Feature a complete setup toolbar & configuration wizard
  • Provide image marked sensing
  • Allow for custom image selection
  • Straighten and crop images before printing or saving to file
  • View, scan, print fiche, 16mm, 35mm, aperture cards, & micro opaques

e-ImageData has been perfecting the art of designing the world’s best-in-class microfilm scanners for nearly a generation. Whether you are looking for a low-cost or top-of-the-line option, we have the product to fit your requirements. Bringing all these exceptional capabilities into focus is the ScanPro® difference.

To learn more about our ScanPro product line, please visit our Products page.

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