Applying Emerging Technologies to Microfilm Solutions

This article written by our very own president, James Westoby, was featured in the recent 2018 NIRMA Summer magazine. It gives insight into the fact that microfilm is an ancient document storage medium that is still relevant today. And, now, with the proliferation of computer technology speeding our use of data, microfilm scanners have become a true partner in the advancing capabilities of the records management enterprise.

For several decades microfilm scanners have been an essential tool for retrieving and digitizing stored documents. Technological strides have enabled replacing yesterday’s large, slow, and weighty machines with today’s small, light, speedy, and efficient multi-purpose scanners.

Today’s microfilm scanners are also recognized as being environmentally friendly, both cutting back on paper waste and providing energy efficiency. Most leading scanners today are Energy Star certified.

Until recently, however, customers needed to purchase two pieces of equipment to accomplish the full range of scanner capability. One scanner was needed for on-demand reading, printing, and scanning and an additional scanner was needed for conversion scanning when converting microfilm to digital formats.

With new and innovative technology emerging in the micrographics industry, the single device combination of a desktop on-demand scanner and a conversion scanner is now being introduced. This type of scanner is the only microfilm solution that combines the features and benefits of both an on-demand reader/printer/scanner with the capability to do high-speed conversion right at your desktop. The conversion of confidential and highly sensitive information now can be handled on-site by your own staff, at your convenience.

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