New Promo | Save Time, Save Money with ScanPro®!

It's time to save money with a new ScanPro! From now until March 15, you can save $6000 on a ScanPro 3000 All-In-One! This offer also includes high-speed automatic scanning and powerful OCR tools!

Save Time. Save Money. See the Difference.

Automatically scan roll film and fiche at up to 100 images per minute and OCR while scanning with the award-winning ScanPro 3000 All-In-One! Never before has on-demand and conversion scanning been so easy and so affordable.

This deal gets you:

-Standard ScanPro® 3000 model

-Roll Film Carrier | UCC 510 (or 610 for an extra charge)

-AUTO-Carrier™ | Automatic scanning of fiche

-ScanPro® Advantage Membership | Advanced software and performance enhancements, full access to updates and upgrades

Save Time, Save $6000 and See the Difference with ScanPro!

Don't wait, call us at 1-800-251-2261, request a demo or contact your local reseller today!

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