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It's the latest technology solution on the market....We give you the inside scoop on why having on-demand scanning and conversion scanning on one scanner is important for easy, accurate and efficient work.

When you think about product innovation, what comes to mind? The smartphone is a popular, timely example. What is it about the smartphone that we love so much? That it can make calls? That it can send texts or emails? That it can provide directions? All of the above. The list of what it can do goes on and on. That’s why we love the smartphone – because it combines so many useful things into one device. You no longer need a separate alarm clock, calendar, or even a flashlight. A calculator? Have one on my phone. A camera? Got that, too. One device, to conveniently do multiple tasks.

Now, take this idea to the world of microforms. Any product innovation here?

For decades, microfilm readers have been great for reading all types of microforms: roll film, fiche, cartridges, micro opaques, and aperture cards. They’ve been great for printing copies of the film images for sharing with others. But as the digital age unfolded, a gaping void became apparent. It wasn’t so simple to get those documents and images into digital formats with both speed and accuracy.

Microfilm scanners were developed to bridge this gap and many innovative features have made the transition to digital cost-effective and efficient. However, users typically needed two pieces of equipment – an on-demand scanner and a conversion scanner. The on-demand scanner was used to retrieve and transmit stored images. It was typically designed to be used on a desktop, incorporated many features familiar to computer users, and was low to mid-range priced. The traditional conversion scanners were designed to be high-speed production units but were heavy and bulky, complicated to operate, and were priced at the high end.

Now, fortunately, as technology has allowed on-demand scanners to become smaller, lighter, and more agile, conversion capabilities have been incorporated to combine the benefits of both on-demand scanners and conversion scanners –all on one piece of equipment and all in a size to fit on your desktop. If not revolutionary, this advance is certainly evolutionary for microfilm scanners.

Today, with a combination scanner, users have the ability to work in on-demand mode to retrieve stored information and share with others in multiple formats while also having the ability to work in conversion mode to perform high-speed file conversion operations. All this from one device, not two. And it doesn’t take up half the room – or budget! It is also beneficial that sensitive or confidential data no longer needs to be entrusted to outside services for conversion, which puts potential security risks in play. Trusted staff can do the work right in your own facility.

A combination scanner may not be able to order and pay for your Starbucks, but it can provide the versatility and efficiency needed to fulfill all your microform needs.

e-Image Data’s ScanPro® All-In-One™ microfilm scanner was meticulously designed to meet the needs of our customers, both now and in the future. With its impressive array of on-demand features and its ability to automatically convert all film types, including fiche and jacketed fiche, the All-In-One is the only scanner on the market that provides a universal solution to handle entire film collections. All this on one small, talented, and inexpensive piece of equipment. Innovative!

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