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Remember back in school when you observed the rainbow formed by a prism. This same phenomenon occurs in a color camera system. This rainbow (color separation) is referred to as chromatic aberration and degrades image clarity.

Just as your favorite paint color is made by mixing different colored paints, a color camera system requires different colors. As shown in the illustration below, a color camera system will focus each color at a different point degrading image clarity due to chromatic aberration.

A greyscale camera system does not suffer from chromatic aberration and therefore provides the best image clarity. For additional information, please visit:

e-ImageData’s ScanPro® microfilm scanners are offered with either a color camera system or a greyscale camera system. Before insisting on color and compromising image clarity, find out if you have color microfilm. If not, get the highest image clarity possible by choosing a ScanPro with a greyscale camera system.

e-ImageData color cameras will begin shipping the end of June 2019. To pre-order, contact us today or your local reseller!

See color with ScanPro:

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