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Enhancing Efficient and Cost-Effective Digital Data Conversion with the ScanPro 2200® All-In-One

Data is one of the most important assets of any company. It’s what drives customer engagement, increases customer retention, and creates additional revenue streams. And for decades, Microfilm has played a vital role in preserving that company data. As technology has become more sophisticated, so has the process of digitally converting this data – bridging the gap between a company’s past and its future.

Headquartered in Hartford, Wis., e-ImageData has a long history as the world industry leader in the design, manufacture, marketing, sales, and distribution of micrographic film equipment. The company’s commitment to ongoing research and development has resulted in numerous patented technologies. It’s the company’s product focus of reliability, performance and ease-of-use that attracts companies across multiple industries to utilize e-ImageData’s suite of ScanPro scanners for conversions to digital data. It’s also e-ImageData’s philosophy to provide the best and most cost-effective solution to different organizations’ challenges.

Myer, Greene & Degge, CPAs, was one such organization. Based in Pearl River, N.Y., the CPA firm utilized microfilm technology for over 15 years, acquiring millions of images. However, as the business grew, so did the ongoing offsite cost of storing reels; not to mention the time-consuming initiative of using a camera to capture documents for these reels. The partners knew they needed to find a cost-effective solution so they could better focus on the needs of their clients.

In researching a solution, Myer, Greene & Degge knew outsourcing was not an option due to the sensitivity of their documents. And although the firm stopped using a camera to capture documents and converted to digital scanning in 2000, it still operated older equipment to access the microfilm archives – equipment that was time-consuming and rarely used. They understood that they needed to look for a proven scanner solution to help with overall efficiency. Due to the price of newer scanners, the firm looked to purchase a used microfilm scanner, but reached out to e-ImageData to make sure the scanner would be supported if needed. However e-ImageData provided a more reliable and budget-friendly solution to their digital data needs.

The ScanPro® 2200 All-In-One™ is both an on-demand reader, printer, and scanner for research, and a conversion scanner for roll film, fiche and jacketed fiche. It provided Myer, Greene & Degge with the following:
  • 7x – 32x optical zoom – provides magnification to observe fine details
  • 6.6 megapixel camera – largest pixels in the industry, producing the clearest image possible
  • Easy scanning capabilities – one-click scanning to multiple locations

The firm completed the project in 3 months. During that time, it was able to scan 80 images per minute on 16mm film. That equates to one roll of film every 30 minutes. The result was higher productivity, substantial equipment cost savings, confidential digital data conversion, and trackable efficiency gain. “After researching the marketplace, we determined that e-ImageData was the best solution for our firm. The service they have provided, and the efficiency we gained, have been more than we could have ever expected,” said Myer, Greene & Degge's, IT Director.

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