ScanPro Customer Service Review

At e-ImageData, we take pride in our product and we love to hear what our customers love about their ScanPro® microfilm scanners. In addition, we pride ourselves on the customer service we provide and love to hear when our customers have a great experience. Recently, one of our customers - Gerber Life Insurance - dealt with our customer support team. Here's what Royce VanLoon in Data Entry had to say about his experience:

"I love the support I receive from e-ImageData. No matter how minor an issue I might have, I'm generally presented with a solution as if it was a top priority request. No issue is too large or too small. We also get great support, every time. For example, when they didn't have a setting for our style of fiche, I was able to present it to them with measurements and they came back the next day with settings that made it work perfectly! All my experiences so far have been positive and we look forward to continuing our relationship with e-ImageData and reseller, Bruce Smith, that provided us the equipment we needed. I would definitely recommend ScanPro equipment for anyone who deals in fiche or film file imaging."

-Royce VanLoon, Data Entry Assistant | Gerber Life Insurance

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