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There’s a disappointing reality that many of the things we purchase today will be obsolete in the near future. Part of that is the nature of our rapid advances in technology. Innovations and progress provide us new and better products at a faster rate than ever before in history.

Sadly, though, many of these items are actually designed to get replaced. Take your smartphones and computers, for example. Manufacturers of these consumer products may not admit it, but it’s clearly in their best interest for you to need a new phone or computer every few years.

At e-ImageData, we tend to look at things a bit differently. Perhaps we’re a little more old-fashioned that way. But when you buy a scanner from us, we want that purchase to be for a lifetime. That’s why we offer updates and upgrades with every scanner purchased, providing you a pathway to using that ScanPro® for as long as you need a scanner.

First off, every ScanPro is designed for the rigors of public use. They’re constructed from heavy gauge steel and steel bearings are used for smooth operation and long life. Not only are ScanPro models durable, but modular, meaning individual parts can be replaced, if necessary, instead of needing a completely new scanner.

Every new ScanPro model comes with a six-year warranty and can be upgraded to the next model. Furthermore, we fully support our ScanPro software and provide updates to ensure that both the software and hardware of your model are always providing the most advanced, complete capabilities of any scanning equipment on the market.

Few things in life these days are looked at as lifetime purchases, but we want you to consider a microfilm scanner among them. Think of it sort of like buying a home – one of those purchases often made for a lifetime.

Even if, after a few years, your kitchen starts to look a little outdated, you don’t have to go looking for a completely new home to buy. The foundation and structure are still solid, you just need to upgrade that room. So, you invest a small amount compared to the overall purchase of a new home, and your house looks and acts new again.

Major purchases require a certain peace of mind to give you the confidence you’re making the right decision. e-ImageData is aware that a microfilm scanner is a major purchase for your office or business, so we want to offer such peace of mind that, like buying a home, you know your investment will be worth it for the long haul.

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