How Green is Green?

Buy a ScanPro once, buy it for life...By Todd Kahle, Vice President of Engineering, e-ImageData

Do you consider yourself environmentally conscious? The advent of microelectronics has made technology products very energy efficient in operation, but is that all there is to consider? What about the environmental impact of replacing these products every few years? What happens to these products after they are discarded? What was the environmental impact of manufacture and what is the environmental impact of recycling, if indeed they are recycled at all?

e-ImageData’s design philosophy is to make products that have the lowest environmental impact. To accomplish this, we have three design requirements. First, the design must be on the cutting edge of technology. Second, the design must provide a lifetime of use. Third, the design must, as technology advances, allow critical technology components to be easily upgraded without discarding the other elements of the device. And, as always, software and firmware continue to be updated and offered for free to our customers.

The result of this environmentally-friendly philosophy is that a ScanPro® microfilm scanner, originally built with a FireWire camera 15 years ago, can today be upgraded with the latest USB3.0 camera and a new 3-year factory warranty. Since 2005, e-ImageData has provided an upgrade path for all ScanPro models. For example, a ScanPro 1000 built almost 15 years ago, can be upgraded to our most advanced model to date – a state of the art ScanPro i9300 All-In-One™ – and reap the benefits of a new factory warranty. e-ImageData is passionate about the environment and providing the most innovative scanners to our customers. Therefore, as reflected in our product logo, we are forever committed to making “Buy it Once, Buy it for Life” products.

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