How to Get a Jump Start on your New Year's Resolution to Go Digital

It’s January, which means a new year, a new calendar, and of course, the obligatory New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s losing weight, eating better, or reading more, most of us make promises to ourselves that THIS is the year we finally do better at things.

Resolutions aren’t confined to our personal lives, though. Many of us make resolutions for work, as well. These can even be at the enterprise level. Take, for example, the company that vows to get more organized. But organization goes beyond maintaining a cleaner desk. In fact, in an era of digital transformation, organization becomes an imperative for data and information governance.

For older organizations, digital organization comes with a caveat – that being all those boxes of microfilm records or file cabinets full of paper documents. Even if (and that’s a pretty big if) those physical documents are well organized, they aren’t organized in conjunction with your digital files – those which are stored on computers, external drives or in the cloud.

One solution would be to ship all that paper and microfilm documentation off-site and have it processed into digital files. But, check out the price on that! Not to mention the trepidation of putting all those important and potentially private documents into someone else’s hands.

Another alternative – one that we happen to prefer – is to enlist the help of a handy, digital reader/scanner. A desktop unit like the ScanPro® All-In-One™ has a small enough physical footprint that you can still keep a clean desk (remember that’s one of our hypothetical New Year’s resolutions) and yet powerful enough to make digitizing, and thus organizing, your physical documents both simple and convenient.

With a ScanPro All-In-One on hand, you can convert records as you need them, or in batches. Either way, metadata applied to the files makes them searchable in your records management system. Now accessing that information is faster and more efficient. A la more organized. Furthermore, it reduces storage requirements for physical records – meaning your office is less cluttered and more organized. It’s a win-win double shot of organization.

Regardless of how neat and orderly your physical documents are filed, digitizing these documents makes your business more organized and efficient. In a way, it’s like helping your business lose weight. And that’s surely a resolution you can get behind. Who doesn’t want a leaner, healthier business?

The ScanPro All-In-One is a small desktop on-demand reader, printer, and scanner for research, and a conversion scanner for roll film, fiche, and jacketed fiche. Not only is the All-In-One affordable, it is easy to operate and allows organizations to perform conversion scanning in the security of their own facilities – offering the best secure, low-cost solution. All while allowing your business to keep (at least part of) its resolution to be more organized.

Happy New Year!

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