The New Normal | Working from home

You don’t need me to tell you we’re in strange times. Difficult times. In many ways, unprecedented times. With each passing day we hope for positive news about the pandemic, which continues to spread and alter our daily lives in multiple ways – both at home and at work (which are in many cases now the same place). We’re being forced into separation, sometimes into isolation. We look for ways to cope and we look for ways to help, both personally and professionally.

Different industries are being affected in various ways, but just about all businesses are having to conduct themselves in a new and different environment – an environment void of personal interaction. For restaurants that may mean carryout or delivery only. For some organizations it means remote work forces. For some businesses it means closing altogether for the foreseeable future. Some of these changes might be temporary, some longer term or some even permanent.

But whenever possible, business needs to continue if we’re to have any hope of reducing the impacts of this looming recession. At e-ImageData, we’re committed to continuing business. We can’t say “business as usual,” because there’s not much usual about the situation. Nonetheless, we’re determined to provide every level of service we can to new and existing customers.

That means online and virtual demos. That means remote technical and customer support. That means being available to you every day to meet your microfilm and scanning needs as best we can through this pandemic.

We’re all in this together, and though we may be physically separated, e-ImageData remains a phone call, email or video away. Our customers and employees remain our biggest priority during this crisis and we wish you all safety and security.

Be well!

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