3 Exclusive and “Magic” ScanPro® Software Features

Librarians, researchers, archivists and organizations of all kinds benefit from how easy it is to use ScanPro microfilm scanners and their intuitive software features that make it a total snap to scan, save, share and clarify historical documents and records in a wide range of microfilm formats. While there may be other microfilm scanners out there, only ScanPro microfilm scanners have what users and others in the industry even call a “magic button” feature that makes tasks that used to be difficult as easy as tapping a button. In addition to the standard features you've come to expect in a microfilm scanner, ScanPro software goes far beyond the ordinary with these features:

1. FOCUS-Lock™

ScanPro microfilm scanners all come with FOCUS-Lock, a feature that continually maintains a clear image focus, even when zooming in. The user doesn’t need to do anything for this to occur, it just happens as part of the standard ScanPro package. Users find that this makes their research so much easier, faster and more convenient. There's no need to continually focus and refocus as patrons try to zoom in or out.

2. SPOT-Edit™

SPOT-Edit is an absolute must-have feature. When viewing microfilm images in the past, patrons often complained that pictures and images were far too dark to decipher, particularly if they needed to adjust the image to make the text legible. You could have one or the other, but not both. Not anymore! Enter the SPOT-Edit function. This enables users to select specific areas of the image to adjust for clarity while leaving other areas of the image alone. But wait, there's more: The user can choose several areas and adjust them individually for the clearest text and photo images as a whole. Users rave that this has liberated previously illegible text and unviewable photos from old microfilms, revealing data they previously could not access. This has unlocked more data and history, giving researchers a much richer, easier experience and depth of information than they ever thought possible before.

"The SPOT-Edit feature is fantastic. We were recently working with a microfiche where the top row of images was a 1/3 dark with a hue over it and we couldn't read it at all. We used the SPOT-Edit button and viola; it lightened the image and the data pulled right through for a viewable image. It was amazing!" -Lynn Peavler, Exelon Corp

Watch the SPOT-Edit feature in action here: https://vimeo.com/216716218

3. AUTO-Adjust™: The Magic Button

And then there is the “magic button” feature that users find they can’t live without once they’ve experienced it. This is the “AUTO-Adjust” button. This one feature encapsulates, in just one press of a button, several time-consuming steps patrons usually have to go through when trying to view and analyze microfilm. First, AUTO-Adjust examines the microfilm image that comes up on the monitor. The software then automatically tweaks the image contrast and brightness for the clearest image possible. Then, if the image is crooked on the viewer, AUTO-Adjust automatically straightens it to the ideal position. Next, this feature fits the crop box on the image so that the patron can print or scan the clear, straight image as it shows on the monitor. This feature is a top favorite for researchers, librarians, patrons and archivists alike.

Watch the AUTO-Adjust feature in action here: https://vimeo.com/216715663

ScanPro microfilm scanners have gone beyond the industry standard with these extraordinary features available on no other microfilm scanners. To find out more about how these features can benefit your organization, please contact the e-ImageData team for more information today.

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