Voting Now Open for 2021 DM Awards!

Breaking news | We're excited to announce that our ScanPro® All-In-One™ microfilm scanner has been selected for two categories in this year's international Document Manager Awards. And, a new third category has also been announced!

Imaging Product of the Year: Desktop/Portable/Other

Hardware Product of the Year

Marketing Team of the Year

Our ScanPro All-In-One is the only conversion scanner of its kind to hit the micrographics market – all over the world– by storm. With the All-In-One, users are able to convert entire microfilm collections and perform on-demand research all within one desktop unit – and all for an affordable price.

The All-In-One conversion scanners are built on the ScanPro platform first developed in 2006 and has been continually improved since then. Today, these microfilm scanners are fast, and have features and capabilities not found on any other microfilm equipment. Patrons have named these features as being special in making working with microfilm enjoyable and fun. Names like the "magic button" and the "must have feature" reflect patron appreciation for the continual effort to revolutionize the way people work with microfilm.

The All-In-One offers an exclusive yearly membership that allows users advanced software features like AUTO-Scan™ Pro that scans up to 100 images per minute, the ability to auto-adjust each scan for proper brightness, PowerScan Productivity Suite (Optical Character Recognition software) that provides the ability to save scans in many file formats and OCR while scanning and linking directly to a database for information lookups. Being a member grants one full access to new features, performance enhancements and continuous product warranty – making ScanPro the only scanner customers will ever have to buy.

For the past three years, our ScanPro All-In-One has proudly taken home DM Awards. Please help us keep this award-winning tradition going and add a new award for our Marketing team. Vote by November 12th!

Here are the categories to vote in:

1. Imaging Product of the Year: Desktop/Portable/Other

2. Hardware Product of the Year

3. Marketing Team of the Year

Vote now!

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