3 Reasons Why You Need a ScanPro® Product Warranty

When it comes to microfilm scanners, the ScanPro model is the perfect choice to meet your needs. Meticulously crafted using high-quality materials, this scanner meets the standards of all professional and institutional organizations. However, like all equipment, the microfilm scanner isn't immune to technical difficulties. 

The best way to protect yourself from out-of-pocket costs due to damage or technical failure is to purchase a product warranty. Luckily, e-ImageData has revolutionized the standard warranty practice. Here are three reasons why a ScanPro product warranty is the best choice for your microfilm scanner. 

1. e-ImageData Has a Couple Warranties to Choose From

While a standard warranty is included with most pieces of equipment, it often fails to cover the complications that may affect the device. And in many cases, these warranties expire long before the equipment ever needs them, making them virtually useless. 

ScanPro product warranties have found a way to remedy these common concerns. With a couple versions to choose from, it's easier than ever to find one that protects your scanner for years to come. 

Standard Product Warranty

The Standard Product Warranty is the most basic ScanPro type, but this doesn't make it any less effective. This warranty goes into effect the day you purchase your hardware and lasts for 3 years. With its extended timeframe, this warranty is long enough to cover any natural issues your scanner may incur as it ages. 

Continuous Product Warranty and ScanPro Advantage Membership

ScanPro's Continuous Product Warranty covers the same hardware as the Standard Product Warranty. However, rather than lasting for 3 years, this warranty remains in effect as long as your hardware's ScanPro Advantage Membership is valid. 

Luckily, even if your SPA membership has expired, you can still keep your microfilm scanner protected. Simply renew your membership, and e-ImageData will immediately reinstate your expired warranty. 

The ScanPro Advantage Membership is the key to extending your warranty beyond the 3-year mark.

Every piece of equipment you purchase from e-ImageData has a unique serial number. An SPA membership is an add-on software license that can be connected to a single piece of hardware. This enhancement includes several additional features, such as:

  • AUTO-Scan® Pro
  • WORD-Search
  • INFO-Link™
  • Copy to Clipboard

These special features can make your microfilm scanner more productive and easier to use. Not only that, but the SPA membership also gives you access to the Continuous Product Warranty. This membership can be purchased for a single year, or at a discount, with multi-year packages available for up to 5 years at a time. 

2. An e-ImageData Warranty Covers All eID Products

In most cases, even if you've found a warranty that adequately protects your equipment, there's a high likelihood that it only applies to one item. e-ImageData has solved this problem by making all warranties compatible with any ScanPro product, so you can have greater confidence that your equipment will be protected from unexpected damages and failures. 

A Broad Extent of Coverage

The vast majority of ScanPro products fall within the coverage of both the Standard and Continuous Product Warranties. Protected microfilm scanners include, but are not limited to, the 700, 2200+, 3000, and i9500 models. Scanner accessories are also covered under this policy. That way, you can rely on all of your equipment without fear that any non-covered pieces will lower your productivity. 

Technical Support: The Details

There's nothing worse than being unable to utilize your warranty when you need it most. The team at e-ImageData has made obtaining technical support easier than ever. To have your damaged equipment repaired or replaced without charge, simply reach out to e-ImageData for free technical support via phone or email. 

3. Obtaining a Warranty Has Never Been Easier

ScanPro product warranties stand apart for more than just the extent of their coverage. To protect your products, contact e-ImageData technical support to select the right coverage for you. 

Utilizing Technical Support

Technical support is available to ScanPro customers via email, phone, and remote connection. However, the support you'll need depends on whether your product is in-warranty or out-of-warranty. 

In-Warranty vs. Out-of-Warranty

For those with in-warranty products, e-ImageData offers free technical support and training. In-warranty products are also eligible for free service repairs (though these are extremely rare).

While customers can still receive technical support for out-of-warranty products, they won't have access to free services. If you're not in-warranty, the best course of action is generally to purchase or renew your SPA membership. This way, the Continuous Product Warranty will apply to your equipment, and you can access free support along with a host of product-enhancing features. 

The Role of the Customer

As the customer, it's up to you to contact e-ImageData to utilize your warranty. You'll receive a Return Material Authorization number to attach to the original packaging to return your equipment. From here, the e-ImageData team will make the necessary repairs before sending the product back to you. Simply pay the return shipping fees, and your microfilm scanner will be as good as new. 

Protect Your Microfilm Scanner with a ScanPro Product Warranty

A microfilm scanner is a big investment. While ScanPro products are well-crafted and reliable, they're not immune to the occasional damage or equipment failure. For this reason, a good warranty is one of the most important purchases you can make. 

When it comes to product warranties, there's no better choice than a long-lasting and all-encompassing ScanPro plan. Contact us today to find the best warranty for your microfilm scanner. 

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