How e-ImageData Maximizes Sustainability for Microfilm Scanners

Earth Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of environmental concerns and remind people that, for all the improvements made in terms of resource usage and sustainability, there's still work to do. e-ImageData is well aware of that and constantly strives to improve our own sustainability.

The use of microfilm has many environmental benefits, including:

  • Reduced paper consumption
  • Relatively high energy efficiency
  • Reliable preservation of documents and pictures

In archival work, being sustainable is vital to the longevity of the records and the preservation of knowledge for future generations. For archivists, sustainability includes environmentally sound disposal methods for both microfilm scanners and microfilm itself. However, there are some challenges associated with using older microfilm scanners, and that's something we've invested a lot of time into improving in recent years.

e-ImageData: Sustainable by Design

At e-ImageData, we've adopted several key design principles that make us an industry leader in sustainability. Our designs are focused on:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Durability
  • The use of recycled or repurposed materials

Our “Cool Green” illumination system is more energy-efficient than the white lamps commonly found in traditional scanners. These bulbs have a longer lifespan compared to standard bulbs to help reduce long term e-waste. They also don't contain hazardous materials found in Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) illumination systems that have been identified as harmful to the environment by the EPA.

Our ScanPro® scanners are ENERGY STAR certified and designed to automatically shut off functions that aren't being used, making them more efficient to run. We also use a special surface mount design engineered with low power consumption in mind.

Look for the ENERGY STAR Logo

The ENERGY STAR program is a joint initiative by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It helps consumers and businesses make informed choices about the electronic products they purchase, so they can save money and protect the environment.

While the program is U.S. based, the ENERGY STAR logo is recognized around the world as a sign of energy efficiency. According to the EPA, if all the imaging equipment sold in the United States met ENERGY STAR requirements, we could prevent up to 596 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

We're proud to say that the e-ImageData ScanPro® scanner range meets the demanding ENERGY STAR requirements set for energy-efficiency in imaging equipment.

By choosing ScanPro® scanners for your organization, you can take advantage of the benefits of running energy-efficient appliances, including:

  • Lower electricity consumption
  • Improved energy efficiency both when idle and in use
  • Money saved on utility bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Explore Our Range of ENERGY STAR Compliant Imaging Products 

If you'd like to upgrade your microfilm scanners or are considering investing in a scanner to start a data archival project, take a look at some of our eco-friendly and ENERGY STAR compliant scanners.

The e-ImageData ScanPro® Microfilm Scanner range has recently been updated, and as part of our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, we've launched the 500 series of high-resolution, energy-efficient scanners.

The ScanPro® 2500, 3500 and i9500 All-In-One scanners cover a range of price points.

ScanPro® 2500 All-In-One Microfilm Scanner

This low-cost microfilm scanner is versatile and efficient. It can be used as an on-demand reader, printer and scanner for research and as a conversion scanner for roll film, fiche and jacketed fiche. It boasts a 6.6-megapixel image sensor and powerful optical zoom, as well as low running costs and energy consumption.

In addition, if you decide you need more power, you can easily upgrade to the 3500.

ScanPro® 3500 All-In-One Microfilm Scanner

This 26-megapixel scanner is an upgrade over the 2500, offering incredible image fidelity and numerous features to make working with microfilm faster and easier. Using ScanPro® Advantage's AUTO-Scan Pro, archivists can scan up to 100 images per minute using the “Cool Green” illumination system that all ScanPro® models are equipped with to minimize energy consumption and protect the film you're working with.

The ScanPro® 3500 can easily be upgraded to the ScanPro® i9500, reducing waste and saving your organization money should your scanning needs grow.

ScanPro® i9500 All-In-One Microfilm Scanner

The ScanPro® i9500 is capable of reading blipped film from any major manufacturer and offers many other time-saving features for research and archiving. Reduce paper waste, preserve important documents and save time and energy on your scanning work with powerful auto-scanning and accurate integrated OCR technology.

Our Commitment to a Better Future

At e-ImageData, we're committed to energy efficiency and sustainability. That's why we offer easy upgrade paths for our scanners, helping organizations cut down on e-waste. We also invest heavily in research and development to find ways to not just meet but exceed ENERGY STAR requirements.

If you're interested in updating your scanning systems, take a look at the ScanPro 500 series Microfilm Scanners for fast, accurate and energy-efficient scanning of your films and fiche. Alternatively, contact us today to request information about the range and talk to one of our experts.

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