Breaking News | The 2023 ALA Annual Giveaway Superhero is....

Congratulations to Alex and Helen Plum Library!! 

Winners of the ScanPro® 2500 All-In-One™ microfilm scanner!

The versatile 2500 All-In-One is an on-demand reader, printer, scanner for research and a conversion scanner for roll film, fiche and jacketed fiche. The model boasts a high-performance camera providing the most superior image quality and exclusive features such as automatic scanning software that scans entire rolls of film and sheets of fiche up to 100 images a minute.

Thank you to all of you who visited our booth at #ALAAC23! We're so glad you came by to see how ScanPro is continuing to revolutionize the way you work with microfilm. Remember, you can still be a SUPERHERO for your library and get a FREE AUTO-Carrier™ with your new ScanPro purchase! Hurry, the show promo ends August 30, 2023! Contact our team today to purchase!

Congrats again to Alex and Helen Plum Library!     


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