e-ImageData Secures Platinum Recognition for Modern Library Awards

In a triumphant celebration of innovation and excellence, we proudly announce our latest achievement – securing the prestigious Platinum Modern Library Awards for the seventh straight year in a row! The accolade, a testament to our commitment to advancing the field of microfilm scanning, marks a significant milestone in our journey.

A Universal Solution for Modern Libraries

The ScanPro® All-In-One™ microfilm scanner emerged victorious in the tenth annual Modern Library Awards, a recognition bestowed by LibraryWorks. Positioned as a universal solution within the information services industry, the All-In-One redefines microfilm access by seamlessly combining on-demand records retrieval and high-speed conversion scanning, all compactly housed in a desktop unit.

Platinum Recognition: A Humbling Honor

Receiving the Platinum Award is not just an acknowledgment of our cutting-edge technology but a humbling indication that our solutions align with the needs of modern libraries. Our President of e-ImageData, James Westoby, expressed his gratitude, stating, "It’s always an honor to receive platinum recognition year after year – a humbling indication that we are providing libraries with what patrons need to access their microfilm collections."

Evolution through Innovation

The All-In-One 500 series line stands as a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation. With high-performance features, a user-friendly interface, and a promise of a lifetime of utility, the ScanPro All-In-One has become the microfilm scanner of choice for libraries worldwide. On-demand capabilities, automatic scanning, superior image quality, and OCR technology are just a few of its preeminent features.

Jenny Newman's Impression

Jenny Newman, publisher and MLA program manager, commended us for addressing real-world needs in today's modern libraries. She remarked, "What impresses me the most about e-ImageData is the way their business goals are geared toward filling real-world needs in today's modern library. They have and continue to develop innovative products that truly help improve the way people work with microfilm today."

Looking Ahead

As we bask in the glory of our latest achievement, the focus remains on the future. The All-In-One series is set to reshape microfilm workflows, promising to evolve the way people interact with microfilm resources in libraries today and in the years to come.

The Platinum Award for the Modern Library Awards reinforces our dedication to excellence, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of microfilm scanning. This recognition not only reflects our past achievements but also propels it forward into a future of continued innovation and success.

Thank You

Gratitude is the heartbeat of our success. A sincere thank you to our loyal customers whose unwavering support fuels our journey, and to the esteemed judges whose discerning eyes have honored us for the seventh consecutive time. Your trust and recognition inspire us to reach new heights. Thank you!

To read our award press release, click here.

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