Get the Most Out of Your ScanPro®

When you invest in any technology, you want to maximize the value you get from every dollar. Advanced use of hardware and software — and understanding all the tips and tricks for your equipment — can help you do that.

That's true for ScanPro scanners. Basic scanner use involves viewing or grabbing images, but leveraging advanced features allows users to automate workflows and make the most of high-quality cameras and other components. Whether it’s to enhance research, productivity and even customer satisfaction, getting the most out of your ScanPro scanner is key.

Deep Dive Into the Physical Features of ScanPro® Scanners

The current ScanPro models are based on more than 15 years of research, design and improvement on existing models. The results are compact, durable designs that work in a wide range of environments, including busy libraries and university research locations, as well as demanding corporate offices with constant document workflows. Each current model can ship as an All-In-One conversion scanner, and if you already have a ScanPro microfilm scanner, we can help you field upgrade it to an All-In-One to support automatic scanning.

Some of the physical features that help ScanPro users get the most out of their scanners include:

  • 26-megapixel cameras: Increased pixel count results in clearer images. That supports better access to details and legibility of imaged film. ScanPro cameras are capable of achieving image clarity that surpasses archival quality, leading to better understanding of images and more efficient workflows. 
  • Precision film rollers and glass platens: These components work together to support better film feeding, reducing the chance that it will be scratched or otherwise damaged during use. This helps teams safeguard the data contained on it for future review and ensures a better image focus every time new film is loaded. When users aren't constantly tweaking focus or attempting to reload or adjust film, it cuts down on frustrations and increases productivity. 
  • Auto carriers and motorized film controls: The AUTO-Carrier™ hardware supports automatic feeding and ejection of film from the ScanPro software. That means users can control the film while reviewing image information, and they don't have to constantly move to adjust film or move image-by-image through a fiche. This component also supports group or individual image scanning or movement throughout the film to quickly locate an image of relevance.

Software Features: The Brain Behind ScanPro's Brawn

ScanPro software is designed to integrate fully with the hardware, providing an intuitive experience for users who can control much of the process directly from the software itself. The combination of software and hardware allows for automations that reduce manual film handling, increasing research or workflow speeds while providing more protection for film archives. 

The OCR software lets users convert flat images with text into more dynamic scanned files that are word-searchable. When searching for a word or phrase, the software highlights all matching instances in the image. The INFO-Link™ option can be used to open a reference source online related to a word or phrase, creating seamless workflows for researchers and others when reading or reviewing archived documents.

The software supports a variety of languages for utmost flexibility, and users can copy and paste elements of text to include them in digital documents or share them with other researchers. The OCR software also includes options for digitizing text so it can be edited.

Businesses and other facilities that need to convert large amounts of microfilm or microfiche to digital can leverage AUTO-Scan™ Pro to handle the job automatically. Large amounts of fiche or film can be scanned without constant manual adjustments or work. Not only does it support scanning up to 100 images per minute, it also automatically adjusts brightness and contrast and crops and straightens images to ensure optimal outputs. It can also capture large images with automatic outputs that work with large format printers. 

Enhancing User Experience: Additional Services From e-ImageData

ScanPro scanners come with more than hardware and software. Users also get access to additional service options and the expertise of e-ImageData. Services are tailored to extend the use, functionality and longevity of ScanPro products. Two important additional services to consider are a ScanPro Advantage membership and Extended Warranty plans.

ScanPro Advantage members get access to exclusive tools that can help maximize their use of ScanPro scanners. That includes advanced OCR tools and high-speed scanning through AUTO-Scan. Members get access to updates that aren't yet available for other users, as well as priority training and support to help them get the most out of their equipment. Unsure if a ScanPro Advanced membership would benefit your organization, you can test the waters with a 3-month free trial.

ScanPro scanners come with a 3-year factory warranty, and an optional extended warranty ensures access to repairs and replacements in the future. 

Unlocking New Dimensions in Scanning With ScanPro

ScanPro scanners offer many benefits, including high-quality images and support for robust imaging workflows. However, to get the most benefits from your equipment, it's important to combine hardware, software and additional services.

Ensure you're always getting the most out of your ScanPro scanner. Never hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions. 

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