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What To Know About Getting High-Quality Microfilm Scans

Digital scans are vital to the preservation of historical documents. They offer space-efficient cloud or on-site storage, and they're less susceptible to damage than physical microforms. A digital document library is also easier to search, so users can find…

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How To Level Up Your Archives

At some point in the first century BC, Roman soldiers set fire to ships at the port of Alexandria. The flames spread to other parts of the city, including the storied library. According to some ancient writings, the fire resulted in the loss…

Highlighting Hispanic Heritage History in a Modern Age

The annual observance of Hispanic Heritage Month is here, and this year's theme is Prosperity, Power, and Progress. From September 15 to October 15, Americans will come together to celebrate

Bloomfield Public Library gets a new ScanPro!

Bloomfield Public Library logo

We're happy to share that Bloomfield Public Library in New Jersey replaced their old aging scanner with…

A History of Humanitarian Aid Workers: Preserving Their Historical Contributions

Every year, international agencies and government bodies recognize World Humanitarian Day. Although this holiday officially falls on August 19, there are reasons to be…

How Microfilm Helped NASA Change Cosmic History Preservation

NASA is at the forefront of space exploration, and it's easy to forget that they have a long history. Founded on July 29th 1958, NASA didn't just take humanity to the moon, they developed the space shuttles that were used in 135 missions, making space missions almost seem routine. NASA is also a part of the International…

Breaking News | The 2023 ALA Annual Giveaway Superhero is....

Congratulations to Alex and Helen Plum Library!! 

Winners of Read more | Jun 29, 2023

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