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Spring Clean Your Documents With the Help of a Microfilm Scanner

If your file room or archive looks something like this, it might be time to apply some spring cleaning to it. And we’re not talking about clearing out the cobwebs and dusting some shelves. We’re talking about getting your documents and archives in check, under control and useful. Sound like a pretty massive undertaking? Well,…

Employee Spotlight | Ed Hilgendorf

Getting to Know Ed Hilgendorf

Operations Manager

1. Briefly describe your role at e-ImageData.

Although my title of Operations Manager covers…

National Mentoring Month: How to Use Digital Archives to Mentor the Next Generation

Every January, the US celebrates National Mentoring Month. Mentoring programs allow those with extensive experience to pass on the knowledge they've gained while training a new generation of professionals in their field. There are three main goals for this awareness…

e-ImageData Collects Platinum Award in 2023 Modern Library Awards

The ScanPro® All-In-One™ is voted as a top microfilm scanner for sixth time.

How Documentation of Human Rights Concerns Has Led to Policy Change

December 10, 2022, marked the 75th annual International Human Rights Day, which celebrates the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal…

Learning From the Past: Preserving Historical Accuracy Through Digitization

Digital preservation is a great way to maintain historical accuracy when saving documents, files, and historical artifacts. Utilizing a combination of tools and advanced preservation technology, archivists can ensure that digital objects…

ScanPro® Holiday Promo

We're keeping our promo going this holiday season! See more clearly with our ScanPro and a free monitor!

Manitowoc Public Library’s Microfilm Machine Makes Research Easier

We love it when our customers rave about their ScanPro, check out this article by Meredith at Manitowoc Public Library featured in the Seehafer News.

Thanks to our reseller, Naviant, for taking care of MPL!


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