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Giving Thanks...for Microfilm

Unless you work in this industry – and even then – microfilm is likely not often mentioned around family dinners on Thanksgiving Day. But that’s not to say we aren’t indeed thankful for our favorite storage medium. Just think of all the history and genealogy enriching people’s lives that is preserved in microfilm. And since it…

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How Green is Green?

Buy a ScanPro once, buy it for life...By Todd Kahle, Vice President of Engineering, e-ImageData

Microfilm Conversion – Do it Right the First Time

e-ImageData’s DRFT scanning technology is the latest trend in microfilm digital conversion. Learn more in this recent article written by e-ImageData's Vice President of Engineering, Todd Kahle.

Microfilm Continues to Play a Vital Role in Today’s Digital World

Following the erroneous publication of his obituary in 1897, Mark Twain cabled a message from London to the United States reading, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” It’s a statement that, more than a century later, could be figuratively sent by microfilm. Though no literal obituary has been published, the…

ScanPro Software Release | Now Available for Free Download!

ScanPro® Software Release

Now Available!

At e-ImageData, we are always innovating and always enhancing our software for our customers. We've had two recent updates and we highly recommend this download…

​Back to school looks different this year but research looks the same

We’ve reached that point in the calendar we commonly refer to as “back to school.” Of course, there’s very little typical about back to school this year – the COVID pandemic has ensured that. Some schools are returning with mask requirements…

Law & Microfilm | A Record-Keeping Partnership

Given the American Association of Law Libraries’ annual conference was held this month (virtually, of course, because of the pandemic), we thought it would be a good reason to take…

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