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3 Exclusive and “Magic” ScanPro® Software Features

Librarians, researchers, archivists and organizations of all kinds benefit from how easy it is to use ScanPro microfilm scanners and their intuitive software features that make it a total snap to scan, save, share and clarify historical documents and records in a wide range of microfilm formats. While there may be other microfilm scanners…

The Importance of Memorializing the Past

Whether we appreciate the fact or not, we are all made of history. Even as we zip around in our modern, electronic world, the very cells in our body, our DNA, and our family connections make up a significant piece of who we are. And as Memorial Day gets closer again this year, more and more people are reaching back, sometimes far back,…

Buy More and Save With A ScanPro® Advantage Membership


We're excited to announce that as a ScanPro customer, you are now able to buy a multi-year ScanPro Advantage…

Your Options When Replacing Your Microfiche Reader

Microfiche archives are a treasure trove of historical information captured in miniature, on flat films that are impossible to read without a good microfiche reader. Many archives and libraries with older microfiche readers are looking to upgrade to newer microfiche readers with more digital capabilities that can serve more researchers…

ScanPro® Software Update | Now Available for Free Download!

ScanPro® Software Update

Version x346e. 2021-04-02a Now Available!

At e-ImageData, we are always innovating and always enhancing our software for our customers. We've some recent updates and we highly recommend this download to ensure the best performance…

New ScanPro® Product Warranty Option Now Available!

Bringing exceptional hardware coverage and exclusive software features to customers in one unique package.

Finding Your Pot of Gold in Family History Research

Welcome to March: the month to celebrate Irish heritage! Even people without Irish heritage enjoy pretending to be “Irish for a day,” and with such gorgeous natural scenery and rich heritage, why not? Have you ever wondered if you do have Irish heritage, but just haven’t had time visit the local genealogical society to find out?

​5 Questions You Must Ask to Choose the Right Microfilm Scanner

They say that we’re doomed to repeat history if we do not study and understand it. Until the past couple of decades—and even to today—much of history was recorded on paper documents. Historical archives, corporations, governments, businesses, research institutions, universities, family history organizations, and libraries of all…

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