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South Dakota Library Show Success

Last week, our partners, Active Data Systems, attended South Dakota Library Show (SDLA) in Spearfish, SD and we wanted to share some pictures and quotes from our awesome ScanPro® customers!

e-ImageData's ARMA Article

Bringing the best technology to the full life cycle of microfilm, e-ImageData’s ScanPro® line of microfilm scanners moves you into the digital world with speed and economy.


It's a Digital, Digital, Digital World

There’s no denying that we live in an increasingly digital world. Of course, it wasn’t always that way. History and ancient records were carved into or drawn on stone, then later scribed on scrolls and other various forms of paper. Eventually, we found our way to mechanically printed pages, which were the basis of periodicals, legal records,…

ScanPro Advantage Membership Renewal Tips

Are you receiving software notifications like the below when you launch your software? If so, your membership is up for renewal or already expired. We're here to help inform you and guide you through the renewal process!

Notifications |

Here are the notifications you will see before and after…

ScanPro Customer Service Review

At e-ImageData, we take pride in our product and we love to hear what our customers love about their ScanPro® microfilm scanners. In addition, we pride ourselves on the customer service we provide and love to hear when our customers have a great experience. Recently, one of our customers - Gerber Life Insurance - dealt with our customer support team. Here's what Royce VanLoon…

​How Digitization is Transforming Business Organization

A 1981 New York Times article (“Next, a computer on every desk”) proclaimed that businesses would eventually have a computer on every desk. Indeed, almost 40 years later, it would be nearly impossible to walk into a business…

New Software Update | Available Now!

Got ScanPro? As leaders in the industry, it's our mission to provide the best and latest technologies to the marketplace. Update to our latest software to ensure your ScanPro is working at its full potential.

The Security Benefits of Microfilm: Keeping Your Documents Safe

It seems everyone is rushing to the cloud these days. Businesses are being sold on the flexibility and productivity it offers. But cloud adoption, especially for document storage, has a significant sticking point for many: security.

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