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Developing a System to Navigate Digitized Records

Record-keeping has evolved dramatically over the past 100 years. Paper records are quickly becoming a thing of the past; instead, organizations are moving toward digital storage systems.

Even in the era of digitization, microfilm remains relevant…

Level Up Your Scanned Records With Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Did you know that scanning technology has roots that run as far back as the 1860s? At that time, pantelegraph technology was used to send basic facsimile images over telegraph lines. The technology could transmit basic drawings…

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e-ImageData Secures Platinum Recognition for Modern Library Awards

In a triumphant celebration of innovation and excellence, we proudly announce our latest achievement – securing the prestigious Platinum Modern Library Awards for the seventh straight year in a row! The accolade, a testament…

Microfilm Will Be Alive and Well in 2024

In 1839, English scientist John Benjamin Dancer created the initial concept of what is now called microfilm. Over the next few decades, others integrated new technologies and innovations into this concept, and a French optician…

Connecting in Person: Our Recent Customer Visit

We had such a fun experience at Ted and Grace Bachhuber Memorial Library in Mayville, Wi. last week! Spent a couple hours meeting the awesome staff (Jennifer and Lucas) and delivering hands-on ScanPro training in their new beautiful library. They're proud owners of a new ScanPro 3500 model! Thrilled to be part of…

What To Know About Getting High-Quality Microfilm Scans

Digital scans are vital to the preservation of historical documents. They offer space-efficient cloud or on-site storage, and they're less susceptible to damage than physical microforms. A digital document library is also easier to search, so users can find…

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