ScanPro Advantage Membership

At e-ImageData, we are constantly looking for new and emerging technology to improve our ScanPro products and provide intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces that have exceptional features and capabilities never before seen when working with microfilm. Patrons have commented that the features and capabilities of the ScanPro equipment are both easy-to-use and even make “working with microfilm fun”. We will continue these efforts as we continue to blur the line between microfilm and electronic information delivery.

The software features of a ScanPro Advantage membership are highlighted below including the new amazing product warranty.

1. e-ImageData's "Continuous Product Warranty" brings exceptional hardware coverage and exclusive software features to customers in one unique package.

The Continuous Product Warranty remains in effect for as long as the SPA membership has not been allowed to expire. Good news! If for whatever reason your SPA membership has expired this warranty can be immediately reinstated at any time by purchasing a multi-year (2, 3, 4, or 5-year) SPA membership. Furthermore, the term of this warranty is for the term of your multi-year SPA membership.

2. AUTO-Scan™ Pro software provides high-speed scanning of roll film and fiche at up to 100 images per minute (imp) and 70 ipm for jacketed fiche, the ability to auto-adjust each scan for proper brightness.

3. PowerScan Productivity Suite (OCR software) provides the ability to save scans in many file formats and OCR while scanning and linking directly to a database for information look-ups.

4. AUTO-Scan Quality Assurance (QA) provides total confidence with total image capture. AUTO-Scan QA employs exclusive multi-mode scanning technology ensuring total image capture by eliminating the possibility of missed images during the high-speed, AUTO-Scan scanning process of both roll film and fiche. AUTO-Scan QA's multi-mode scanning is not only fast, it is the lowest cost film conversion in the industry.

AUTO-Scan QA’s multi-mode scanning analyzes every inch of your film. Document images are immediately scanned, straightened, cropped, and saved in the selected file format. And, areas on the film without images are ribbon scanned and saved for later review. This technology ensures total image capture every time and dramatically reduces the total time required to scan a roll of film and to complete and edit the scanned roll of film to insure complete capture.

5. AUTO-Review is a Previous/Next mode used to perform a quality review of a newly processed roll of film by automatically moving from one image to the next and displaying each image for a customizable period of time.