ScanPro Advantage Membership | Features

ScanPro LabelAt e-ImageData, our mission is to continually provide the most innovative technology to our customers. As a ScanPro Advantage member, you be the first to experience our latest features that will take your ScanPro's capailities to the next level. And, each new feature that we release is FREE!

The ScanPro Advantage membership includes the following exclusive features:

1. AUTO-Scan® Pro software that provides high-speed scanning of roll film and fiche at up to 100 images per minute (imp) and 70 ipm for jacketed fiche, the ability to auto-adjust each scan for proper brightness

2. PowerScan Productivity Suite (OCR software) that provides the ability to save scans in many file formats and OCR while scanning and linking directly to a database for information look-ups.

3. The newest addition to our automatic scanning, AUTO-Scan® software feature – AUTO-Scan Quality Assurance (QA) provides total confidence with total image capture.

AUTO-Scan QA employs exclusive multi-mode scanning technology ensuring total image capture by eliminating the possibility of missed images during the high-speed, AUTO-Scan scanning process of both roll film and fiche.

AUTO-Scan QA’s multi-mode scanning analyzes every inch of your film. Document images are immediately scanned, straightened, cropped, and saved in the selected file format. And, areas on the film without images are ribbon scanned and saved for later review. This technology ensures total image capture every time and dramatically reduces the total time required to scan a roll of film and to complete and edit the scanned roll of film to insure complete capture.

AUTO-Scan QA multi-mode scanning by e-ImageData is not only fast, it is the lowest cost film conversion in the industry.

For more features unlocked by your ScanPro Advantage membership, please check out the chart above.

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