ScanPro FireWire Upgrade 

Elevate your experience with a new USB ScanPro!

At e-ImageData, we're fully committed to helping our loyal customers smoothly transition to the latest USB ScanPro microfilm scanner models. We've proudly maintained service on these units for an extended period, ensuring that our customers get the most out of their investments. As technology continually evolves, we made the inevitable decision to discontinue support for our FireWire units. However, our customers have the ability to upgrade to a brand new 500 series scanner that offers USB 3.1 capabilities, cutting-edge technology, 3-year warranty and the best customer support on the market. These innovative microfilm scanners provide features and benefits that are simply not available with any other microfilm scanners on the market.
If you have a ScanPro FireWire model, upgrade it to the newest microfilm scanners on the market. Please contact our sales team for a demo or quote today!