ScanPro FireWire Upgrade Program

Upgrade your old scanner with a new discounted 500 series model!

At e-ImageData, we are proud to offer our loyal customers a fantastic upgrade opportunity to enjoy a new 500 series scanner that offers USB 3.1 capabilities and much more, at an amazing low price. In addition to the benefits of a brand new model, it is important to upgrade your FireWire model as it will be coming to end of life by December 2023 in conjunction with Windows 10 being phased out by the new Windows 11. This means e-ImageData will no longer be able to support FireWire models and your ScanPro will not perform at its best. 
If you have a ScanPro 700, 800,1000,1100, 2000 or 3000 FireWire model or any manufacturer's FireWire model, you are eligible to upgrade it to the newest microfilm scanners on the market - the ScanPro 2500 and 3500 models. Our 500 series line comes with a new 3-year factory warranty, free 6-month ScanPro Advantage Membership that includes AUTO-Scan™ Pro software for automatic, high-speed production scanning and free remote customer support. These innovative microfilm scanners provide features and benefits that are simply not available with any other microfilm scanners on the market and available to you at a price that can't be beat.
Please note that a SPA membership can be transferred from an old model to a new model during an upgrade.
Key Highlights of the ScanPro 2500 and 3500 Models:
• Large 35mm x 48mm image capture for viewing oversized, large-format images utilizing a new high-resolution camera
• PRECISION-Guide film rollers protect your microfilm from scratches and scrapes during use. These PRECISION-Guide rollers ensure your film is not drawn across the edges of the glass as the film moves across the glass viewing surface. Only ScanPro microfilm scanners provide this important film protection
• Continual image focus technology (FOCUS-Lock™) even during optical zoom
• "Library Quiet" double guide-shaft optical zoom system
• Convenient front access USB flash drive port provides ease of use
• The latest ScanPro software is always available online from our website ensuring that you have the latest access all-of-the time and at no cost.
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Currently available for US customers only.