Still Got FireWire?

Did you know you can upgrade your FireWire scanner to a brand new USB 3.0 scanner? You can and it's affordable!

Why would you want to upgrade from FireWire to USB 3? Here’s why:

As leaders in the micrographics industry, we are continually bringing the best and most innovative technology to the market. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of your ScanPro with the most up-to-date computer interface. It has always been our policy to provide an upgrade path to the next ScanPro model and this applies to your computer interface as well.

Upgrade Promotion | Domestic Only

Here is the opportunity you have been looking for! Convert your FireWire 1100, 2000 or 3000 ScanPro® microfilm scanner to the latest state-of-the-art USB 3.0 interface. Your USB 3.0 microfilm scanner will be fast, easy-to-use, and loaded with new features and upgrades that make working with microfilm both easy and fun! And, at the low cost of only $2,495, your ScanPro microfilm scanner investment will continue to provide you with many years of exceptional service.

This upgrade promotion includes:

You can have all of these upgrades for the affordable price of $2,495. Plus, we pay the shipping cost to return your top-of-the-line research scanner to you for many more years of dependable service. And, if you need assistance with setup and training, we can put you in touch with your local reseller or have e-ImageData handle it remotely.

Interested in adding high-speed conversion scanning to your USB 3.0 scanner?

While your ScanPro is still at the factory, for only $1,795, we can add an AUTO-Carrier™, and a six-month free ScanPro Advantage Membership that will provide high-speed scanning for all of your microfilm collections:

Renew the $249 ScanPro Advantage Membership yearly to maintain high-speed scanning. For more information, please visit:

In addition, this special includes the latest software release for the ScanPro All-In-One™ – AUTO-Scan Quality Assurance (QA). AUTO-Scan QA provides total image capture. Now, when you scan your microfilm, everything on that film is captured and saved.

Convert to USB 3.0? Add high-speed scanning? Contact us today at 1-800-251-2261 or fill out the form below.

Promotion ends July 31, 2019.

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