ScanPro Advantage Membership | Overview

Welcome to the ScanPro® Advantage membership page! A ScanPro Advantage (SPA) membership applies to ScanPro models: 700, 800, 1100, 2000, 2200, 2200+, 3000, i9300, 2500, 3500 and i9500 and can be purchased at any time. It includes enhanced features and benefits to maximize your ScanPro’s capabilities. New to the SPA membership is our amazing “Extended Product Warranty” providing even more value and peace of mind. 

All ScanPro models come equipped with a free 6-month SPA membership. This allows customers to enjoy and experience ScanPro's exclusive features such as WORD-Search™, Copy to Clipboard, INFO-Link™, OCR PDF Multi-page as well as high-speed scanning (AUTO-Scan™ Pro) and AUTO-Scan Quality Assurance that guarantees total image capture during conversion scanning. These features are in addition to the already-free, non-expiring software that comes standard on all models. As a SPA member, you will also enjoy new features and performance enhancements as they become available.

These SPA features and a “Continuous Product Warranty” remain in effect for as long as your SPA has not lapsed and has been purchased for more than one year. If for whatever reason your SPA membership has lapsed, this warranty can be immediately reinstated at any time by purchasing a multi-year (2, 3, 4 or 5-year) SPA membership. See below for fabulous price savings! Furthermore, the term of this warranty is for the term of your multi-year SPA membership.

To renew your ScanPro Advantage membership, simply click the Register/Renew button above. Once a payment has been made, the license key and installation instructions will be sent to your specified email address within 1-2 business days.

Please note that a membership renewal is non-refundable but can be transferred to a new model during a trade-in.

Prior to your SPA membership expiring, you will receive notifications on your ScanPro software indicating that your advanced feature license will expire. If you do not renew your ScanPro Advantage membership, it will expire, and the membership enabled features will no longer be available and the associated continuous warranty will lapse.

Buy more, save more on a multi-year SPA membership that gives a continuous product warranty:

1-year | $249 | Part #9863601

2-year | $473 ($25 savings + continuous product warranty) | Part #9865602

3-year | $672 ($75 savings + continuous product warranty) | Part #9865603

4-year | $846 ($150 savings + continuous product warranty) | Part #9865604

5-year | $995 ($250 savings + continuous product warranty) | Part #9865605

Need an invoice? No problem! Please send a PO to Jen Wand at (include tax exemption certification, if applicable).

To become a ScanPro Advantage member, please click the Register/Renew button above or contact us today!