Discover the Perfect ScanPro® Microfilm Scanner to Meet Your Needs

e-ImageData is pleased to bring you the most advanced microfilm conversion and research scanners on the market. Whether you're looking for a scanner that provides easy, walk-up use for research or the ability to digitize any type of film collection, ScanPro has you covered!

The ScanPro microfilm scanners are durable and known worldwide as being built to last. They are built with heavy gauge steel throughout and use high speed bearings for durability, dependability and robust performance. Not only are the e-ImageData microfilm scanners responsibly built with the environment in mind, they are sustainable for a lifetime of use. Our ever-green microfilm scanners can be upgraded to the latest model ScanPro at any time making the e-ImageData microfilm scanners the only scanners that you will ever need to own.

With over 20,000 ScanPro microfilm scanners delivered to customers worldwide, we are able to get better pricing and to manufacture at a lower cost - a lower cost that we then pass onto our customers. All of these advantages make it possible for us to provide a state-of-the art microfilm conversion and on-demand scanners at the lowest cost in the industry. Let us show you how you can get the best conversion and research scanner performance on the market and save money.

To confirm our commitment to supplying the most reliable microfilm scanning equipment on the market, we offer a 3-year factory warranty on all of our products. In addition, we pride ourselves on our customer service – updating and training our customers as new features and software updates become available.

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Explore our award-winning ScanPro All-In-One™ Models for In-House Conversion and On-Demand Research

We're proud to offer three innovative models for your specific needs. For the only image-marked (blip) sensing scanner on the market, discover the ScanPro i9300 All-In-One. For the clearest image and highest resolution images, the ScanPro 3000 All-In-One is your solution. For the budget-friendly option, the ScanPro 2200 All-In-One will please your wallet and provide you with the highest performance.

ScanPro i9300 All-In-One | ScanPro 3000 All-In-One | ScanPro 2200 All-In-One

Not sure what you need, for a complete overview of the ScanPro All-In-One scanner, click here.

The ScanPro 3000 All-In-One is so easy to use, perfect for our archives volunteer corps, who range from younger students with limited exposure to microform materials to senior citizens who embrace the easy to use software and automated features. The ScanPro has enabled us to attack archival digitization projects at an efficient pace without compromising quality.

- Matthew Shirko, Baltimore Museum of Industry

Explore our ScanPro Microfilm Scanner Standard Models for On-Demand Research

We know that our customers' application needs and budgets vary, therefore, we're proud to offer the ScanPro® standard line of microfilm scanners. Our standard line provides the necessary features needed for on-demand reading, printing and scanning of film, fiche, jackets, aperture cards and micro opaques film.

Our standard models are the best solution for your essential needs now and as your applications grow, our ongoing technologies will continue to accommodate you. Customers enjoy non-expiring software for free. When more functionality is needed such as high-speed production scanning, your scanner can be upgraded to a new model or a ScanPro Advantage membership can be added at any time. This upgrade ability ensures your scanner will last a lifetime. With ScanPro, no job is too big or too small!

ScanPro 3000 | ScanPro 2200

Our ScanPro 2200 is so easy to use and so versatile between microfiche and microfilm. Just click a button to choose what type of film or fiche. We also really like that we can crop out a part of the page and only print that. We also like that you can save images to a USB instead of printing out.

- Lori Preston, Park Ridge Public Library

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