Remote Access

ScanPro® users can access and operate any ScanPro model from anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection* and free remote access software. An example is the free version of Logmein software

The ScanPro is the only microfilm scanner that has been designed so that ALL the controls, roll film image movement, focus, image adjustment, enhancement, image cropping, and scanning are right on the viewing screen. It is that design feature that makes REMOTE-Access able to provide the remote operator with complete control of the ScanPro microfilm scanner.

We can use this capability to log on to a remote ScanPro scanner to provide training and technical assistance. Assistance anywhere in the world is just a CLICK away.

And, best of all, this capability is available as standard on every ScanPro at no extra cost. No other microfilm scanner provides that capability.

Additional Benefits:

Using the REMOTE-Access capability, sales or technical support personnel located anywhere in the world can access your ScanPro. They can provide real-time operator training for individuals or for groups. They can demonstrate the latest new features and provide tips and suggestions on setting up your ScanPro to ensure that you have all the information that you need to work effectively with any film application.

Millions and millions of valuable documents have been stored on microfilm, everything from rare primary source materials to government documents containing unique research opportunities. Now you can use your ScanPro to help you make the most out of your investment in microfilm. Using the REMOTE-Access capability of your ScanPro, you can let anybody anywhere in the world, search, edit, scan and save information stored on your roll film. You just mount the roll film on your motorized roll film carrier and the remote operator does the rest.

*with permission from the unit’s owner/administrator.