Microfilm Conversion Scanners

Convert your microfilm collections, 16mm, 35mm, fiche, jacketed fiche, aperture cards.

We are pleased to bring you the most advanced microfilm conversion scanners on the market. These conversion scanners are built on the ScanPro platform first developed in 2006 and has been continually improved since then. Today, these microfilm scanners are fast, and have features and capabilities not found on any other microfilm equipment. Patrons have named these features as being special in making working with microfilm enjoyable and fun. Names like the "magic button" and the "must have feature" that reflect patron appreciation for the continual effort to make working with microfilm both easy and fun.

These durable microfilm scanners are known world-wide as being built to last. They are built with heavy gauge steel throughout and use high speed bearings for durability, dependability and robust performance. Not only are the e-ImageData microfilm scanners responsibly built with the environment in mind, they are sustainable for a lifetime of use. Our evergreen microfilm scanners can be upgraded to the latest model ScanPro at any time making the e-ImageData microfilm scanners the only scanners that you will ever need to own.

We have delivered over 15,000 ScanPro microfilm scanners to customers worldwide. That volume makes it possible for us to get better pricing and to manufacture at a lower cost, a lower cost that we then pass onto our customers. All of these advantages make it possible for us to provide a state-of-the art microfilm conversion scanner at the lowest cost in the industry. Let us show you how you can get the best conversion scanner performance on the market and save money.

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