ScanPro® 3500 Recommended Computer Specifications When Purchasing a New Computer

Our computer recommendation is the DELL Optiplex Series. We have used Dell Optiplex computers for the last 15 years in the setup and test of our ScanPro products and they have consistently provided excellent performance including flexibility in power management for USB ports.

Computer Hardware Minimum Recommended Computer System


Processor Generation Intel® Core™ i7 or i9 Higher
Computer Memory (RAM) 16GB Memory Higher
Hard Drive 500 GB - 1TB HD Higher
Optical Drive Flash Drive Same
Monitor VGA/SVGA/XSVGA/Touch Screen Same
Compatible Operating Systems (32bit and 64bit) MS Windows 10, Windows 11 Same
Transfer Speed USB 3.1 Gen 1 supports speeds up to 5Gbit/s (also called USB 3.0) Same
These general minimum recommended requirements should be followed to ensure proper performance.

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